WANTED.Club loyalty program

Holidays for points or Wanted.Club - a new loyalty program.

Soon on the Polish market e-commerce will have the premiere of a new Polish trading platform, and with it an innovative loyalty program, under which for activity on the platform you will be able to pick up holidays for points, in apartments offered by our website.


WANTED! SHOP is a shop that has never been!

WANTED! SHOP is a Polish trading platform, created to meet the needs the modern consumer being an individualist and open to creative sellers looking for a distribution channel for their products, on the most favorable terms.

WANTED! SHOP is an online store where you can buy only new products or collectibles with its own story.

You can choose from thousands of original items, only from verified and legally operating suppliers and manufacturers, by adding them to one cart. Fast, simple and safe.

Only verified sellers and order in offers.

Only verified and legally operating sellers based in the European Union will be able to sell at WANTED! SHOP. The number of sellers is limited due to competitiveness, and the assortment is new marketplace is thoroughly verified for originality and limited to selected types of categories.

The policy of the new store is aimed at maintaining transparency and order in the offers of sellers, who will be obliged to offer only products in their warehouses. The exception will be handicraft items, manufactured to the customer's order, and the deadline for completing orders in the handmade category will not exceed 21 days from the order.


The innovative WANTED.Club loyalty program

An innovative one will be launched with the new platform Loyalty program created together with the TwójJurata.pl website called "WANTED.Club".

Membership in the Wanted Club will be completely free for users, and most importantly - joining the program will not require any complicated steps. To join the program, all you need to do is register on the platform by creating a free buyer account.

Participation in the program is not only free, but also voluntaryas no registration is required to make purchases. Even after creating a customer account and joining the program, it is really up to the user to choose whether or not to take advantage of the advantages of awarding points.


Holidays for points thanks to activity in WANTED! SHOP

For each activity in WANTED! SHOP, users will be rewarded with points accrued automatically. The collected points can be exchanged for vouchers entitling to discounts on online reservations apartments from the TwójJurata.pl website

Importantly, points on the platform will be awarded not only for each purchase, but also for other activities, such as adding an opinion about the purchased product. The new user will also receive a welcome bonus points package.

The collected points can be exchanged for high discounts, the value of which will be in the range of PLN 200. , up to PLN 2,000, which means that being an active WANTED! SHOP user, it will be possible to spend a family vacation at the seaside without any additional fees. It is enough that the value of the voucher covers the value of the reservation made.

In any other case, users of the WANTED! SHOP platform will have the opportunity to convert the collected points into attractive discounts on bookings, the lowest of which will be PLN 200.

Therefore, the program will significantly reward the platform's customers for their activity and loyalty.

Free vacation, no junk and no-nonsense

The WANTED.Club loyalty program does not force the user to take additional actions in order to use the collected points. The only thing you need to do to use the pool of accumulated points is to exchange them for prizes. The process is very quick and intuitive.

The exchange takes place in the customer panel. After logging in, just go to the appropriate tab, then exchange points for privileges and confirm your choice. After the exchange, the user will receive an e-mail with a confirmation and with a discount code to be used on YourJurata.pl website.

Contrary to the loyalty program introduced by another trading platform, using the points collected as part of WANTED.Club does not require their prior activation. Collected points are visible immediately. You can use them without the need to engage additional time or perform unnecessary activities.

In addition, unlike the competitive platform - you can use the discounts received at any time to book any apartments. At WANTED.Club, received vouchers are available for use throughout the year, subject to the availability of the selected apartment at the selected time.


Free shipping in exchange for apartment reservations and non-cash prizes under the program.

WANTED.Club It is not just an opportunity to collect redeemable points for a variety of discount options vacation in Jurata.

He is active on the TwójJurata.pl website Discount Center, under which our guests are entitled to various discounts with partners, after booking.

WANTED! SHOP will be included in the group of such partners, and our Guests, after paying for the reservation, will receive a code entitling them to free shipping of orders placed on the wantedshop.pl platform. 

As part of the membership in the Wanted club, there will also be other opportunities to use the collected points, such as discounts on purchases, free shipping or material prizes, and detailed information on these options will be published successively on program pages.


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