Every time is good
to come to Jurata

Rent an independent apartment in Jurata, in the quiet of the Seaside Landscape Park, away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and noisy holiday destinations.

Spend your holidays or holidays in a unique place on the Hel Peninsula, in the heart of a pine forest filled with the silence and smell of resin.

Take a morning stroll on the beach filled with the finest and cleanest sand on the Polish coast.

In the background of the rising sun on the Baltic Sea, look for ambers and spend romantic evenings watching the festival of colors that every evening sets the sunset on the Bay of Puck.

Take a deep breath and feel the microclimate that guarantees the highest concentration of iodine in the air on the Baltic.

Spend your vacation in Jurata and come to the seaside resort for years visited by the most prominent figures of the Polish and foreign world of culture, art, entertainment and politics.

Leisure time suggestions

Jurata is an ideal place not only for those who value blissful sunbathing on the golden sand of the most beautiful Polish beaches in the summer season, but also for all those who prefer active leisure combined with the implementation of their passions also outside the holiday season.

active recreation

Jurata, like the entire Hel Peninsula, offers countless ways to spend time actively.

  • Windsurfing & Kitesurfing
  • Water scooters
  • Water bicycles
  • Bicycle trips
  • rope park
  • Health path
  • walking

active recreation

Jurata is the perfect place for visual artists - amateurs and professionals - who want to improve their skills. From spring to autumn, the sun organizes an unusual festival of colors here, and the sea on the horizon kisses the sky. In winter, pine boron is wrapped in silvery frost, and the Baltic Sea reveals its dark nature when foamed waves raise ice crests on the shore.

  • Outdoor photography
  • Painting and drawing


If you want to relax in the most beautiful Polish resort, and at the same time do not like to stand still, you can easily diversify your vacation with trips to neighboring towns.

  • The Seal Center in Hel - The Seal Center of the Oceanography Institute of the University of Gdańsk is open all year round!

ul. Morska 2, 84-150 Hel

  • Fisheries museum in Hel - located in the post-Evangelical church of St. Of Piotr and Paweł from XV. in.

Bulwar Nadmorski 2, 84-150 Hel

  • Fisherman's Cottage in Jastarnia - one of the most interesting museums dedicated to the history of fishing. In the building from 1881, equipment used in fishing in the 15th century is on display.

ul. market

  • Muzeum Pod Strzechą - a private museum, which is visited by the owner himself telling interesting stories from the life of fishermen.

ul. Mickiewicz


Strolling through Jurassic streets and boulevards, it is worth stopping at the historic buildings erected here years ago:

  • 1 Kasztanowa St., Automobile Club Pension, 1930s
  • 9 Kasztanowa St., villa "Tamara", 1930s
  • Mestwina street 22, summer house, 1930s
  • Mestwina street 39, summer house, 1933-34.
  • Mestwina 62 street, summer house, around 1930.
  • 64 Mestwina St., villa, 1930s
  • Mestwina street 66, summer house, 1935-36.
  • 68 Mestwina Street, summer house, 1932.
  • 3 Międzymorze street, guest house
  • 12 Międzymorze St., summer house, 1930s
  • Ratibora 3 street, summer house, 1930s
  • Ratibora 7 street, "Bałtyk" Pension, 1930s
  • Ratibora 15 street, Pension "Bargina", currently "Zatoka", 1930s
  • Ratibora 16 street, Pension "Helunia", around 1936.
  • Ratibora 25 street, summer house, 1930s
  • Ratibora 30 street, summer house, 1930s
  • Ratibora 39 street, villa "Zofia", 1930s
  • Ratibora 42 street, villa "Jola", currently police station, 1930s
  • ul. Świętopełka 2, Pension "Hungaria", around 1935.
  • 5 Świętopełka St., summer house, around 1935.
  • ul.Świętopełka 7, Guesthouse "Family Office", ob. Hotel "Fregata", 1930s
  • Wojska Polskiego 8 street, Pension "Wielkopolanka", 1935-38, now expanded
  • Wojska Polskiego 17 street, Pension "Florida", 1930s
  • 18 Wojska Polskiego St., post office building, 1930s, ob. modernized
  • Wojska Polskiego 20 street, Hotel "Lido", 1932-33.
  • 28 Wojska Polskiego St., summer house "Biedronka", 1930s
  • "Mrozik" guest house in the modernist style of the 1930s

Famous and liked on vacation in Jurata

Jurata, from the beginning of its existence, guests distinguished representatives of public life. Among vacationers, well-known and liked, who have grown up as the regulars of the resort once belonged or remain today:

Władysław Sikorski (1881 - 1943) - weapons general of the Polish Army, commander-in-chief of the Polish Armed Forces, Prime Minister of the Polish Government-in-Exile during World War II.

Jan Kiepura (1902 - 1966) - Polish singer (tenor) and actor, the most popular Polish singer of the interwar period.

Eugeniusz Bodo (1899 - 1943) - Polish film, revue and theater actor, screenwriter, director, dancer, singer, film producer.

Tola Mankiewiczówna (1900 - 1985) - Polish actress, singer, opera singer (lyrical soprano). One of the most popular artists of the interwar period.

Wojciech Horacy Kossak h. Kos (1856 - 1942) - Polish historical and battle painter, co-author of Panorama Racławicka.

Maria Jasnorzewska-Pawlikowska, née Kossak, pv Bzowska, p. Pawlikowska, t. Jasnorzewska (1891-1945) - Polish poet and playwright of the interwar period.

Magdalena Samozwaniec, née Kossak, pv Starzewska, p. Niewidowska (1894 - 1972) - Polish satirical writer.

Ignacy Mościcki (1867 - 1946) - Polish politician and chemist. The President of the Republic of Poland in 1926-1939. Scientist, inventor. In the years 1912-1922 a professor at the Lviv Polytechnic, later a rector. Author of an innovative method of obtaining nitric acid from air.

Józef Beck (1894 - 1944) - Polish politician, diplomat, close associate and deputy prime minister in the government of Józef Piłsudski.

Mieczysław Lurczyński (1907 - 1992) - Polish writer, poet, painter.

Wojciech Weiss (1875 - 1950) - Polish painter, professor and rector of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts.

Jadwiga Smolarska (1898 - 1971) - Polish theater and film actress.

Marta Cegielska (1887 - 1985) - dancer, creator of the dance group "Sisters Halama" with daughters: Zizi (Józefina) Halama, Ice (Leokadia) Halama, Punia (Alicja) Halama, Ena (Helena) Halama

hr. Potocki

hr. Tyszkiewicz

Fr.. Czetwrtyńscy

Grzegorz Halama

Maciej Orłoś

Jan Englert

Jerzy Iwaszkiewicz

During EURO 2012, Jurata was also visited by members of international football teams with their families, among them Shakira.