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Twó real estate agency is a professional transaction service in the Hel Peninsula region and the only real estate agency within the Jastarnia commune. We support with our knowledge and experience both people looking for real estate in Jurata, Jastarnia and the surrounding area, as well as owners who want to sell their property on favorable terms.

If you want to buy an apartment or a house by the sea, be sure to contact us.
We will find a property tailored to your needs and with a guarantee of further post-transaction service!

We are on site and at your disposal;

We operate locally within the Jastarnia commune and on the Hel Peninsula. We guarantee full commitment and reliable performance of our work.

We perform a full property audit before the transaction and complete the necessary documents;

We check the property in technical and legal terms and prepare the documentation necessary to conclude a notarial contract for the sale of the property.

Apartments for sale

Check out our offer of real estate for sale and make an appointment as soon as possible!

If you do not find the offer you are interested in, and you want to buy an apartment in Jurata, Jastarnia or other places on the Hel Peninsula, contact with us and we will find a suitable property for you that you may not see in public offers!

Apartment Ratibora, Jurata

nr oferty: JUR1R23
1390000 zloty.
  • Jurata
  • 53,65 m2
  • garaż w cenie
  • Aftermarket

Apartment Ratibora, Jurata

offer no .: JURR012019
590 000 zloty.
  • Jurata
  • 42 m2
  • on-site parking
  • Aftermarket

Apartment Mestwina, Jurata

offer no .: JURM082020
2 960 000 zloty.
  • Jurata
  • 61 m2
  • underground car park
  • Aftermarket