By booking our Apartments you can become a philanthropist and help others without any additional costs!

We co-create the Poland Charity Festival, a new charity initiative aimed at providing broadly understood help.

We allocate part of the profits to the organization of charity events as part of PCF and various cultural events.

Sponsorship and patronage
we actively support

Jako jedyna firma wspierająca wynajem noclegów i apartamentów w Juracie i Jastarni, w sposób ciągły przekazujemy część naszych zysków na różne cele charytatywne. Nie odczujesz tego, ponieważ środki pochodzą z naszego funduszu na promocję, a nie z Twoich opłat za wakacje.

We are pleased to provide financial support to cultural, sports and educational events. If you are the organizer, please tell us about your plans and expectations. Perhaps we will establish cooperation and provide support for your project.

We are happy to provide patronage over important events in the area of the Hel Peninsula. We will write about them on our website and help in the promotion.

We support organizationally interesting events in Jurata and Jastarnia. Have an idea and don't know how to start? Write to us, maybe we can help.

Persons and institutions interested in sponsorship cooperation, please submit a sponsorship offer by e-mail to the following address: info@twojajurata.pl

The offer should contain a detailed description of the planned event and detailed information about expectations, in particular: registration and contact details of the organizer, location of the event, date and duration, proposed packages, information on the number of other partners and sponsors with their names, information on the number of media patrons along with an indication of their names and the scope of the promotion, information about previously organized events, and if possible, written references or contact details of persons and institutions with whom we will be able to confirm the authenticity of the data provided.

We accept sponsorship and patronage offers by the end of November of the year preceding the year to which the offer relates.

We accept sponsorship offers for financial support only from legal entities and institutions, including natural persons running a business, applications from individuals will not be considered, and the data will be immediately removed from our database.

We accept patronage offers from all interested parties. An application for patronage or organizational support from natural persons should include consent to the processing of personal data.

We reserve the right to contact only selected bidders.

The management concept of our company is based on the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Strategy, taking into account the development of the company while respecting the social interest.