you want to earn for rent?

We offer professional management of short-term rentals, tailored to the needs of the owner.

We guarantee transparent and competitive terms of cooperation and cost optimization.

We provide comprehensive rental services as well as apartments and flats in Jurata and Jastarnia, including:

  • Reservation service
  • Tenant verification
  • Settlements handling
  • Cleaning service
  • Technical customer service

You have an apartment in Jurata
only for myself?

If you have your "second home" in Jurata or Jastarnia, which you do not want to rent, we will take care of it so that it is always ready for your arrival. Our services also include:

  • Year-round care of the apartments
  • Regular check-ups, airing and cleaning
  • Temperature and heating control
  • Premium class apartment service

You are planning to buy or sell

If you are planning to purchase or sale of real estate in Jurata, Jastarnia or its vicinity, we will support your decision-making process and carry out the entire transaction.

We have almost thirty years of experience in servicing the real estate market. We provide professional advice and investment support, including:

  • Real estate agency
  • Real estate and profitability analysis
  • Design services
  • Investment supervision

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You are

If you are planning a development investment or already have apartments in Jurata or Jastarnia for sale, we will help increase the attractiveness of your project.

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Świadectwa charakterystyki

Od 28 kwietnia 2023r. nieruchomości przeznaczone na wynajem, w tym lokale mieszkalne muszą posiadać świadectwa energetyczne. Nasza oferta obejmuje opracowanie świadectw energetycznych w pełnym zakresie:

  • audyt
  • skompletowanie dokumentacji
  • wydanie świadectwa energetycznego 

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please contact us for detailed information on the terms of cooperation

report your property and start earning
without stress

why we?

We are the holiday rental operator of apartments and flats in Jurata, which is part of a Polish investment company with an established position on the real estate market, with many years of experience.

  • As the only entity offering apartment rental management in Jurata, our services are based on professional property management. We operate under the license of property managers of the Polish Federation of Real Estate Market. We also have obligatory third party liability insurance of the Property Manager.
  • Our offer includes servicing of apartments and apartments, cleaning of apartments in Jurata, technical service, settlements with tenants, offices and housing communities.
  • We constantly supervise the premises entrusted to us in order to maintain their high standard of finishing and equipment.
  • As part of the Twó brand, created out of love for Jurata, we focus on servicing real estate in one city, unlike competition focused on servicing the lease on a national scale. Thanks to this, we can guarantee nice contact and quick responses to the changing needs of guests and owners.
  • We have an extensive customer base, including VIP customers, thanks to which we reach a very wide audience.
  • We invest significant resources in brand recognition and in new technologies to improve the customer verification and booking process.

We invite you to cooperation.

benefits for the owner

Owning a property for rent is not only a privilege but also a duty. By entrusting us with your object you can focus on the first one; we will do the rest.

  • To rent an apartment by the sea, you must ensure adequate advertising. One free advertisement on a popular website is not enough to ensure rental continuity. Advertising is a leverage of commerce, but adequate advertising comes at a cost. We'll take care of it. As part of cooperation, we will develop a portfolio of premises, promote your property and ensure that the rental offer is updated.
  • Acceptance of reservations is a complex process based on interaction with customers. Dozens of telephones, hundreds of emails and thousands of inquiries. Are you sure you have time for this? As part of the rental service, we will take over these obligations from you
  • Renting a flat carries a risk, especially if the lease agreement is not properly prepared. We guarantee the conclusion of legally binding contracts with tenants, their updating based on changing regulations and contract enforcement including payment monitoring and debt collection.
  • Any change of stay is the need to clean the premises, change bed linen and fill in the gaps. We take it on ourselves.
  • In the rented premises, everything must work. If necessary, we provide technical support and repair of damages.

how much is it Cost?

The owner's safety, guest comfort and quality of services have their price, but you probably already know it. Truth? Not once have you been on vacation ...

To start with, fact - the quality of our service exceeds all available offers in the area of the Hel Peninsula!

And now the second fact - we serve apartments in Jurata and Jastarnia on the most favorable financial conditions on the market. You do not believe? Check!

Board and rental costs depend on the scope of responsibilities entrusted to us. Tell us about yourself and we will adapt to your expectations and possibilities. You can entrust us with comprehensive care over your apartment or only with reservation service. 

If you have an active contract with another operator, we will present you a more favorable offer and help you part with the current company that supports your apartment in Jurata!

For owners

Do you rent apartments in Jurata? Join us!

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