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You can book the apartment in a few simple steps:

  • First select the apartment you are interested in from the list available on the "OBJECTS" page. You can use the filter option to choose the parameters that are important to you.
  • Next check if the selected apartment is available at the time you are interested in; to do this, use the calendar on the booking page by selecting the arrival date and departure date (available dates are marked in green); also check additional options and click "Book".
  • After clicking the "Book" button, a summary will be displayed. Here you can check if you have chosen the right object and dates. You can also enter a discount coupon.
  • After going to the checkout, we will ask you to complete your billing details. Enter all form data reservations (personal data, contact details); 
  • Accept the required consents and proceed to payment. At this stage you will be directed to the selected payment method.
  • After receiving the payment, the contract will be concluded and your booking will be guaranteed.
  • We will inform you about the conclusion of the contract by email with the details of the reservation. 

We accept online payments via external operators (PayU). You can make electronic payments with all popular credit cards or instant transfer. There may be an additional fee for payment via a third party operator, which we will inform you about before making the payment.

Możesz także zapłacić przelewem tradycyjnym, bez dodatkowych opłat.*

If you only pay the reservation fee when booking, you can pay the remainder:

  • by credit card on site; 
  • by bank transfer before arrival, to the bank account number indicated in the booking confirmation;


*) Opłaty są przyjmowane w PLN.

  • W przypadku dokonywania płatności transgranicznych w walutach innych niż PLN, zostanie naliczona opłata serwisowa za przyjęcie przelewu zagranicznego, w wysokości 45 zł.;
  • Jeżeli w wyniku różnic kursowych powstanie niedopłata lub nadpłata, różnica podlega rozliczeniu wraz z płatnością końcową lub do 14 dni od zakończenia pobytu.

Of course.

The final payment, and even for the entire stay (bookings "out of the way") can be made by credit card or debit card, which you use on a daily basis.

We accept cashless payments at the time of accommodation, on site, at the premises (mobile terminals). 

We accept all credit cards available on the market, including: American Express and Diners Club.

You can also pay with Blik.

Cash settlements for the stay are accepted by us only if another form of payment will not be possible due to the short time between booking and the date of the beginning of the stay, which would prevent the execution of an online transfer or booking of funds on our account before arrival. 

It is not possible to settle the stay in cash, if the booking value exceeds PLN 15,000. and the tenant is an entrepreneur. In this case, payment for the stay may only be made by bank transfer. 

When making a reservation, a bank transfer or credit card is required to pay the reservation fee. 

Final payment can be made in cash on the spot only in exceptional circumstances, but we encourage you to use electronic settlements.

Local taxes (the so-called resort tax) and any additional options (Service On Demand) reported to the Resident are settled in cash.

You can choose whether you want to pay in two installments or pay the entire stay in advance by selecting the appropriate option when booking.  

When booking, we only require a reservation fee of 30-50% of stay value.

The amount of the required booking fee is determined during the booking process of the apartment. 

The entire booking process of the holiday apartment takes a few minutes. 

Everything happens in real time via our website.

You will receive confirmation of the booking immediately after making the online payment, provided that the transaction is successful.

The whole process usually takes a few minutes, but it may happen that the payment verification takes 2-3 business days. This is the case with PayPal or traditional bank transfers, and this is independent of us. 


A hotel day is the time when you can use our holiday apartments.

It means the hours when accommodation is possible and when you must leave the apartment.

The hotel day starts at 16.00 and lasts until 10.00 the next day.

Accommodation is possible from 16.00 to 22.00 (no extra charge)

It is possible to check in at non-standard hours, i.e. between 22.00 and 24.00, for an additional fee of 50 PLN. (This option should be reported at the stage of booking the apartment.) Accommodation after 24.00 is not possible. 

The apartment should be left from 7.00 to 10.00.  

It is possible to check out after 10.00, no later than at 12.00, for an additional fee of PLN 80 (This option should be reported at the stage of booking the apartment or with the Resident).

Leaving the premises at the indicated time is necessary due to the need to prepare the apartment for the arrival of subsequent guests. 

The lease agreement is concluded when your booking fee is credited to our account. We will inform you about this fact in a separate message. 

The reservation will be canceled free of charge, if the payment is not made when booking online or if the reservation fee is not paid within the time specified in the reservation (48 hours). Payment of the reservation fee means conclusion of the lease agreement. From this moment withdrawal from the contract is associated with the loss of funds up to the amount of 50% of the stay.

The date of arrival can be changed, provided that the apartment is available at a different date. To this end, we must agree the details of the change with us. If a change is possible, we will not charge you any additional fees, unless your stay is longer due to the change of date. Shortening the term is possible at any time, but does not affect the price if it occurs after the conclusion of the lease.

Of course. If you plan a long-term stay (over 14 days), it will be possible to lower the price. 

To get a discount, write to us or call and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

We offer our customers the option of ordering additional services (the so-called Service On Demand), thanks to which the stay in our apartments can be even more comfortable.

We offer numerous amenities during the holidays, such as renting a pram or baby cot, luggage storage, transport from the railway station and many more.

A full list of add-ons is available here.

To use Service On Demand, please select the appropriate options when making your reservation or at the Resident's location.


Discount Center is an innovative rebate program developed by us, based on a nationwide affiliate network.

By reserving our apartments you can benefit from numerous discounts with our affiliate partners. After making a reservation on our website, together with the confirmation of the reservation, you will receive access to discount codes to use for accommodation, services and shopping throughout the country. 

If you are a customer of our Partners, you are entitled to discounts on booking our apartments.

You can also get a discount with us if you are the owner of one of the discount cards we accept, e.g. the Varsovian Card or the Big Family Card.

A current list of partners and available discount options is available here

By using the partner program you support Polish entrepreneurship and save money.

Using the Discount Center is voluntary and absolutely free! All you have to do is become our client or our partners' client. 

We process your personal data only to the extent necessary:

  • for the purpose of contact in the event of notification via the contact form;
  • for the purposes of presenting the rental offer or the property management offer;
  • in connection with the booking process - for the purposes of the conclusion and performance of the lease agreement;
  • in connection with the payment processing process;
  • for archiving and tax purposes;
  • for marketing purposes - only after obtaining explicit consent;

Personal data of our clients are not transferred to unauthorized third parties.

Access to the personal data of our customers is only available to authorized employees, state services and bodies, and to the extent necessary and reasonable - apartment owners and online payment operators.

The detailed scope and method of personal data processing as well as information about the data administrator can be found in the current GDPR clause available on our website. 

Using discounts as part of the WANTED.Club loyalty program is very simple and works the same as using other discounts using discount coupons for reservations on our website.

When booking through our website, enter the discount code received on the WANTED! SHOP platform in the appropriate field, and then click the "apply coupon" or equivalent button.

The discount will be calculated automatically and will reduce the booking value by the value of the discount granted.

Full prepayment must be selected to take advantage of the full value of any discounts that exceed the booking fee charged or the entire booking. To do this, after selecting the dates of your stay and the number of guests, check the "Pay full amount" box and proceed to the next step.

Discounts granted under WANTED.Club may lower the booking value or even reset the booking value, as long as the discount is equal to or greater than the booking value.

If the value of the reservation exceeds the value of the discount, the Guest will only be obliged to cover the costs exceeding the value of the discount. 

More about the program:

The organizer of the WANTED.Club program is the owner of the platform WANTED! SHOP

Reservations with the use of discount codes take place on the general terms applicable on our website, which are set out in Regulations.

In connection with the WANTED.Club program, we do not obtain or process any personal data of program participants.

The rules for the processing of personal data in connection with the use of our website are set out in ours Privacy policy.

Complaints regarding the functioning of the WANTED.Club program (calculating and exchanging points) should be reported to the organizer via contact form WANTED! SHOP platforms.

You will receive the keys to the apartment from the apartment's guardian - a Resident who will be waiting for you on the spot. The guardian will also answer all your questions and introduce you to the apartment. Remember to contact the Resident before arrival. The condition for the release of the apartment is to pay the full amount of the stay on the day of arrival at the latest and to complete and sign the registration card. Residents have the right to verify their identity on the basis of a valid identity card - please present it at the Resident's request.

Yes. The price includes preparing the apartment for arrival and cleaning after departure.

Additional cleaning during the stay is possible for an extra charge. This option can be bought in advance when booking and ordered cleaning during the stay (with the Resident).

The price for renting the apartment is the final price. Depending on the chosen premises and additional options, you know the full price before you make a payment.

When making a payment using a payment gateway (PayU), a transaction fee of 2.3% of the amount paid in this way may be added to the price paid. 

The price includes all fees for the premises and taxes excluding the tourist tax (tourist tax is charged in cash on site), depreciation of the premises (maintenance and servicing costs) and apartment preparation before arrival and cleaning after departure.  

The rental price also includes heating of the premises during the heating season (from October 15 to April 15) and for the rest of the year, if the temperature in the premises drops below 18 degrees C. Switching on heating outside the heating season (on request) may be associated with an additional charge of max. PLN 10 / day.

Most of the apartments have their own parking spaces included in the price. In some cases, it may be necessary to purchase a vignette or an additional parking fee - we always inform about it in the offer. 

Yes. By renting our holiday apartments in Jurata and Jastarnia you get clean linen and a set of towels in the price depending on the number of guests.

It is possible to change bed linen and towels during the stay, for an extra charge. 

We reserve the right to charge guests additional costs in the event of non-compliance with the Regulations, such as:

  • the cost of repairing damage caused by incorrect operation - depending on the extent of the loss;
  • in case of losing the keys to the premises - the cost of replacing patent inserts in the amount of PLN 300;
  • in the case of breaking the smoking ban - PLN 1,000;
  • in the case of vomit contamination due to the use of narcotic drugs - PLN 1,000;
  • in case of arrival of more guests than indicated in the reservation - PLN 150 / person for each day of stay;
  • in the event of not leaving the apartment within the period of validity of the reservation, without prior extension of stay - a penalty for non-contractual use of the premises in the amount of double the daily rate for each day of stay commenced;

We do not offer meals in our apartments.

Each restaurant is equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette, so you can prepare meals yourself.

In Jurata and Jastarnia there are many restaurants offering regional cuisine, where you can eat healthy and tasty meals at affordable prices. 


No. All apartments are strictly non-smoking under pain of a contractual penalty of PLN 1,000.

Smoking on the premises is allowed only in designated and marked places.

Yes, but we do not accept animals in all places. If you want to take your pet with you, check if it will be possible. For a stay with a pet we charge an additional cleaning fee of PLN 20 / day.

In most cases, we do not require a deposit.

However, we reserve the right to charge a refundable deposit from our guests or preauthorise your credit card if you notice unlawful behavior or regulations.

The deposit can also be taken if the owner of the apartment requests it. Such information is always included in the description of the given object. 

If the apartment's description does not include information about the obligation to pay the deposit and its amount, there is no obligation to pay it. 

The Booking Fee is a deposit to secure the performance of the contract, which is credited towards the rental price only if the Guests arrive and the full amount of the contract is paid.

The purpose of the reservation fee is to confirm the will of the lease contract by the person making the reservation and the performance of this contract by both parties (guaranteeing the date, arrival of guests and payment of the price).

In principle, the reservation fee is not refundable or valorised.

In case of full prepayment, the reservation fee is part of this fee up to the amount of 50% of stay value. 

In exceptional circumstances, the reservation fee may be reimbursed after deducting the costs incurred by the owner or operator in connection with the handling of the reservation or in nominal value. Such situations are set out in the Regulations and the current policy regarding the method of making and canceling reservations in emergency situations (e.g. in the event of an epidemic).

Yes. It is possible to transfer the reservation to another person. 

In this case, please contact us.


If you want to receive an invoice for your stay, please let us know when making your booking by entering the invoice details in the> comments <field. 

The operator is not the seller within the meaning of tax regulations, but only the landlord's representative.

The landlord is responsible for documenting the sale. The landlord is the owner of the apartment or another person who has the right to the property.

The Operator is not a seller within the meaning of tax regulations, and rental revenues are not Operator's revenues.

In some situations, however, the Operator will be entitled or obliged to issue an invoice if it has received the appropriate power of attorney, is itself the Lessor or provides additional services. 

You can receive the invoice after your stay. 

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