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Website and booking regulations

(General Terms of Service)

The following regulations set out the conditions for the operation and use of the Twó website, an integral part of the lease agreement and short-term lease management agreements, and regulate all matters related to booking, fees and stay in Apartments booked through the Twó website.

Please read the regulations, because in case of any doubts you cannot hide behind ignorance of the provisions contained therein.

An attachment to the regulations is information on the protection of personal data available here>

Table of Contents



§1. Regulations, definitions

1. These regulations for the provision of services and reservations set out the rules for the provision of short-term accommodation in apartments available on the website at, use of the Website, liability of the parties and the Operator, staying in the apartments and the manner of concluding and performing the Agreement.
2. The Regulations are an integral part of the rental agreement and the agreement on the use of the Website. By using the Website and making the Booking, you accept these regulations.
3. The Regulations apply to all Guests staying in the apartments, the Operator and apartment owners.
4. Definitions:
a) Service - an internet portal or a separate part thereof, used to conclude rental agreements for Apartments presented on the Website, operating at, run by the Operator;
b) Apartment - the dwelling indicated in the Agreement, whose presentation and description are on the Website;
c) Agreement - short-term lease agreement for a furnished and equipped apartment booked by the User;
d) Reservation - declaration of intent made by the User about the intention to conclude the Agreement, in electronic form via the Website, by phone or e-mail.
e) Operator - Property manager (Paweł Gocławski conducting business activity under the company "Goclaw Investments Paweł Gocławski", with its registered office in Warsaw, NIP 5262604078 Regon 222078125, Correspondence address: PO Box No. 8, 05-085 Kampinos) running the Website at www.twojajurata .pl, acting on behalf of and for the benefit of the Lessor. Whenever there is a mention of Twój Jurata or Twó, it refers to the abovementioned business.
f) User - any natural person, representative of a legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, other than the Operator and using the Website;
g) Tenant - a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality who is a tenant of the Apartment within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code, who made the Booking concluded with the conclusion of the Agreement;
h) Landlord - a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality holding a legal title to dispose of rights related to the Apartment, who has entered into a separate agreement with the Operator in the field of renting and / or servicing the Apartment; The landlord can be the Operator himself.
i) Guest - the tenant of the apartment, as well as other people using the Operator's services together with the Tenant or staying in the apartment at the same time.
j) Resident (apartment supervisor) - a person appointed by the Operator and authorized to deliver and collect the Apartment from the Guests, as well as to accept and acknowledge lease payments, as well as to review the Apartment and other activities resulting from the Regulations;
k) Booking Fee - unless the contract provides otherwise, it is a reservation deposit securing the performance of the lease agreement in the amount not lower than 30% and not higher than 50% of the value of the stay, which is refundable by including the rent only if the full amount has been paid by the Guest. according to the reservation.
l) Confirmation of reservation - an electronic message without a qualified signature sent to the Lessee after the conclusion of the Agreement, confirming the payment of the Booking Fee and the conclusion of the lease agreement for a specific Apartment, on the conditions set out in these Regulations.
m) Initial confirmation of the booking - an electronic message without a qualified signature sent to the User, confirming the availability of the Apartment on a selected date, specifying the amount of rent and other fees, the amount of the reservation fee and a description of the Apartment.
n) User Account - electronic account kept by the Operator as part of the Website for Users, under a unique name (login), secured against access by unauthorized persons with a password, in the form of digital data being a set of resources collected to maintain the User's data and the User's actions on the Website.

2. What are the conditions for using the TWOJAJURATA.PL website?


§2. Technical conditions

1. To use the Website, the User is required to have an end device with an installed web browser and Internet access.

§3. Cookies

1. The Website uses cookies (so-called "cookies") constituting IT data, in particular text files, which are stored on the Website user's end device. Cookies usually contain the domain name of the website from which they originate, their storage time on the end device and a unique number to remember information about Users. 
2. Cookies are used to: 
a) authentication, including identification of the logged in user, as well as online payment support,
b) verification and development of its services and services offer, 
c) providing personalized services to Users, in particular to avoid multiple presentation of the same content to the same User, 
d) creating statistics for the Operator's needs, including as part of cooperation with external entities 
e) for the purposes of Facebook. By using the Like button, the user logs in to Facebook, which has Facebook's privacy policy. You can read these rules at
f) the use of display ads based on Google Analytics for the remarketing service. Users can block the Analytics service for display ads and customize ads on the Google Display Network through the Ads Preferences Manager on Google websites.

3. The User using the Website agrees to place cookies on his end device.  
4. Deleting cookies by the User may result in presenting different content of the Website to the User, as well as lead to the loss of the possibility of using some of the Website's functions.
5. In order to manage cookie settings, select the browser used from the list, and then follow the instructions: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera. Mobile devices can support this function in a separate way. Please refer to the options and privacy policy in the documentation provided by the mobile device manufacturer. 

§4 Terms of use of the Website and User Account

1. By using the Website, you accept these regulations.
2. After the User completes and confirms the correctness of the data in the booking form, a User Account is created, which is tantamount to concluding an agreement for the provision of administrative services between the User and the Operator in the field of providing website resources and processing personal data. Otherwise, the contract is concluded when the User enters the main page or subpage at, and its termination occurs when they leave these pages, provided that the transaction is not started via the Website.
3. A User Account is created in an automated manner for each User making a reservation. The User may opt out of creating a User Account by selecting the appropriate option during the booking process. The User is automatically notified of the fact of creating an account by e-mail to the e-mail address provided.
4. The User's account for the Lessor is made by filling out the registration form and confirming the email address by clicking the link sent automatically.
5. The conclusion of the contract with the Operator by the User is tantamount to agreeing to receive system information and messages from the Operator by means of communication.
6. The User's Account may be deleted by the Operator without prior notification, in the event of detection of User's actions aimed at hindering or destabilizing the operation of the Website and its subpages and / or other subpages at
7. The User is obliged to update his data immediately after each change as long as it has been saved on the User's Account.
8. The operator may make the provision of services and use of the website by a registered person subject to confirmation of his personal data, in particular by presenting an appropriate identity document or registration documents.
9. Upon registration, the User consents to the placement and processing of his personal data by the Operator and for their future processing, by the Operator's legal successors, under the conditions set out in the current policy on the protection and processing of personal data available on the Website.
10. Only the User who has registered can use the User's account. The use of other Users' accounts and sharing account login data is at the risk of the User and cannot constitute a basis for any claims against the Operator.



§5. Making a reservation

1. Apartment reservations can be made up to 12 months before the planned date of stay:
• in an automated manner via the Website (online)
• by sending a booking inquiry to the Operator using the contact form available at, by phone at +48 533 011 328, by e-mail to the following address:
2. The booking inquiry should contain the exact date of stay, the number of people including adults and children, contact details in the form of telephone number and e-mail address and billing: name and surname, permanent address of the person making the reservation, and in the case of booking for a third party details of the person who will actually be the guest of the apartment.
2.1. In the case of a Booking made via the Website, the user is required to provide all required fields of the booking form, and then click the "Book" or equivalent button, after which he will be redirected to complete the billing data and make online payments via an external payment system.
2.2. The User making a reservation on the Website agrees for the Operator to preauthorise the credit card account used in the Booking process, up to the amount of rent specified in the contract.
2.3. The user who makes a reservation on the Website agrees to transfer his billing data to an external payment operator (PayU).
2.4. The User making the reservation agrees to the free creation of the User Account.
3. If the reservation is to be made for an organizational unit that is not a natural person, the billing data is the registration data of that unit.
4. If incomplete or incorrect data are provided, the reservation will not be accepted or the system will reject the possibility of making a Reservation.
5. Immediately after receiving the booking inquiry, the Operator will inform the Guest about the possibility of making a reservation by sending to the e-mail address indicated in the inquiry "Initial Confirmation of Booking" containing the date of stay, number of Guests and the price of the stay along with information about the amount of the booking fee and data to pay for the reservation.
5.1. In the case of a Booking made via the Website, the User is informed by the system on a current basis about the availability of dates, price, the amount of individual fees and other parameters regarding the Apartment and the conditions of the Booking.
6. In the event of unavailability of the date given by the Guest in the booking inquiry, the Operator will provide such information in the form of an e-mail or SMS message and, if possible, will propose another date of stay.
6.1. In the case of a Booking made via the Website, the availability of dates is marked in the availability calendar visible to the User, and the lack of availability of dates will prevent the Booking and conclusion of the Agreement.
7. The condition of completing the booking process and thus guaranteeing the deadline is the conclusion of the Agreement by the Lessee making a reservation fee on the terms set out in the Regulations or pre-authorizing the credit card account of the User making the Booking.
8. In exceptional situations, in particular when the payment of the reservation fee cannot be made effectively before the Guest's arrival on the set date, the Operator may agree to pay the full fee on the spot at the latest on the Guest's arrival or present alternative payment options.
9. The User is required to provide true and complete data required to make a Booking, consistent with the current state of affairs and law.
10. The Booking Procedure until the payment of the Booking is non-binding for the User.



§ 6. Subject of the contract

  1. The subject of the contract is the rental of a short-term Apartment indicated in the contract, whose period is calculated in days and is not intended to meet the permanent housing needs within the meaning of the Act of June 21, 2001 on the protection of tenants' rights, the municipal housing stock and the amendment to the Civil Code.
  2. The contract covers only the rent of the apartment indicated therein, whose detailed description and photos are available on the Website.
  3. The contract is concluded on behalf of the owner of the Apartment by the Operator. Under the Agreement, the Operator does not provide the Lessee with any additional services, in particular hotel, catering, transport and tourist services, as well as services in the field of storage of goods, care for persons, medical care and information, unless additional services have been explicitly commissioned. in the Booking process and marked in the Agreement.
  4. The contract is concluded for the period in accordance with the reservation.
  5. A party to the contract may be natural persons with full legal capacity, legal persons and organizational units without legal personality, to which legal regulations give legal capacity.


§ 7. Conclusion of the Agreement

1. The conclusion of the contract takes place remotely and / or in electronic form upon the correct payment of the reservation fee or the Operator's preauthorization of the credit card account of the User making the Booking. The contract may also be concluded in person in the Apartment upon signing the registration card.
2. The conclusion of the contract is tantamount to acceptance of all provisions of these regulations.
3. Immediately after the Operator recognizes the amount of the full Booking Fee on the Operator's account or after confirming the pre-authorization of the amount of the Booking Fee by the issuer of the credit card used during the Booking, the User will receive a Confirmation of Booking to the e-mail address provided, confirming the payment of the reservation fee, the exact address of the Apartment together with with directions and contact details of the Resident and other instructions.
4. The deadline is guaranteed when the funds are credited to the Operator's bank account or when the User's credit card account is preauthorised. In the event of a collision of dates with other booking inquiries (overbooking), the time of crediting or blocking the funds decides, and the later fee will be returned to the later sender in the nominal amount (100%) together with information about the cancellation of the reservation.
5. Lack of payment of the Booking within 48 hours of its making or the inability to preauthorise the User's credit card account shall result in free cancellation of the Booking.
6. The Lessee may transfer the rights from the concluded contract to third parties after prior agreement with the Operator.


§8. Rent

1. The rent is the value of the stay and is calculated as the product of the daily rate current on the day of the Booking and the number of days for which the apartment is to be made available, unless otherwise stated in the current offer or contract.
2. The amount of rent depends on the Apartment, the duration of the rental, the period (season) in which the apartment is to be made available, the type and number of additional options selected during the booking, and the current daily rates for individual Apartments are visible on the Website.
3. In case of doubt, it is considered that the content published on the Website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, but an invitation to conclude a lease agreement (announcement).
4. It is allowed to negotiate the amount of rent for stays over 14 days.
5. The prices provided are gross prices, they include VAT in the amount applicable at the time of conclusion of the contract, provided that the service is subject to taxation.
6. The Landlord is the payer of VAT and income tax.
7. The landlord is obliged to document the sale due to the rent.
8. The rent for the entire rental period of the Apartment is payable in advance, not later than on the day of the beginning of the rental period (on the day of arrival).
9. The Booking Fee is a deposit to secure the performance of the contract, which, at the beginning of the rental period, is credited towards the rent, provided that the full amount of the rent is paid in accordance with the reservation, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.
10. Unless the parties have agreed otherwise, the Booking Fee is not less than 30% and not more than 50% of the value of the stay.
11. The Booking Fee and prepayment can be made online via the Website (after being redirected to the payment gateway), by bank transfer to the bank account indicated in the booking confirmation (when booking without the Website) or via the link provided by the Operator in the PayPal® system (depending on how to make a reservation).
12. The final payment can be made well in advance before arrival by transfer to the bank account indicated in the booking confirmation, by credit card (prepayment), credit card on the spot, and in exceptional cases cash on the spot on the day of accommodation.
13. Failure to pay the rent shall constitute grounds for immediate withdrawal from the Agreement and retention by the Operator of funds previously paid.
14. The rent is charged by the Operator on behalf and for the account of the apartment owner.
15. Unless the contract provides otherwise, the rent includes:
a) Renting the entire apartment and making it available to such a number of people as reported in the reservation;
b) Preparation of the Apartment prior to arrival, including cleaning the premises, disinfecting the toilet and kitchen as well as providing bedding and towels in an amount corresponding to the number of Guests;
c) Providing hygiene and detergents for daily use in an amount calculated according to normal demand for the number of guests during the stay, such as toilet paper, dishwasher tablets, dishwashing liquid, liquid soap.
d) Providing bedding and towels in an amount corresponding to the number of guests.
e) Apartment cleaning before arrival.
f) Final cleaning after the end of the stay.
g) All utilities, including water, electricity, sewage and garbage disposal, internet access (WiFi / Card).
h) Parking space for 1 motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 tons, provided that the facility has its own parking lot; (in the period from June 15 to September 15 in the Jastarnia commune there is a paid parking zone according to the rates set by the Commune Council).


§ 9. Change of reservation

1. The Lessee may change the date of stay included in the original reservation after obtaining the Operator's consent at least 14 days before arrival and only if another date is available.
2. Changes to the reservation can be made by contacting the Operator by phone at +48 533011328 or by e-mail to the address:
3. The operator has the right to refuse to change the date of stay, if for objective reasons it is impossible.
4. In the event of the Lessee's withdrawal from the contract due to the inability to change the date of stay, the funds paid shall not be refunded.
5. Change of entity on the part of the Lessee is possible only after prior agreement with the Operator.

§10. Cancelling the reservation

1. In the absence of a Booking Fee within 48 hours of receiving the Preliminary Confirmation of Booking, or abandoning the Booking process on the Website without making a payment, the booking will be automatically canceled and free of charge.
2. In the event of cancellation of the reservation by the Lessee after the conclusion of the Contract, the reservation fee shall not be refunded, irrespective of the manner of concluding the contract.
3. In the event that the reservation is canceled by the Lessee after paying all the rent in advance (prepayment), the Lessee is entitled to a refund of the funds paid less the amount of the Booking Fee or the equivalent of 50% of the value of the stay, unless the amount of the Booking Fee has not been marked.
4. In the event of cancellation by the Lessee less than 30 days before arrival, on the planned date of arrival and later, as well as in the event of the Lessee's failure to appear during the availability of the Apartment, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay the entire rent in accordance with the reservation made on the invoice / debit note with payment date issued by the Operator or the Lessor.
5. Cancellations can be made by contacting the Operator by phone at +48 533011328 or by e-mail to the address:
6. In the event of cancellation of a reservation through the fault of the Operator, the Lessee is entitled to a refund of the amounts paid in nominal amount. Funds deposited are not subject to indexation. If in doubt, it is assumed that it is not the Operator's fault, inter alia force majeure, bad weather, subjective assessment of the Guest as to the style of the Apartment's equipment and equipment, behavior of other people in the building, lack of equipment irrelevant to the proper performance of the contract, failures independent of the Operator, temporary interruptions in the supply of electricity, water, gas and other utilities.
7. In the event of an objective impossibility to provide due to war, an epidemic or a disaster, the Lessee is entitled to a refund of the amounts paid less the actual costs associated with servicing the Booking made incurred by the Lessor.



§11. Policy

1. The operator provides services in accordance with the established policy, in the scope of seeking to conclude a lease agreement on behalf of apartment owners offered on the website and respecting the rules of these regulations while maintaining special care for the highest quality of services and the standard provided the apartment and its equipment.

§12. Operator's obligations, Overbooking

1. The operator is obliged to provide guests with:
a) Conditions for full and unrestricted rest by guaranteeing the availability of an independent premises for the period covered by the reservation for the number of persons indicated in the contract;
b) Security of secrecy about Guests, in particular their personal data, bank account details and date of stay;
c) Courteous and impeccable service regarding all services rendered;
d) Correct implementation of the provisions of the concluded contract;
2. In the event that the dates of two or more Reservations in the same Apartment conflict due to the Operator's fault, which means that the booked Apartment will be unavailable after the Guests' arrival (overbooking), the Operator will provide Guests with a substitute room of a similar standard and similar location to the booked Apartment (relocation).
2.1. Relocation may also take place in the neighboring town (after arrangements with the Tenant) and in another facility where accommodation is possible (hotel, motel, guest house, holiday home, shelter, mobile homes).
2.2. The Operator does not provide food as part of the relocation.
2.3. If relocation is not possible, the Lessee will be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid in nominal amount, plus documented costs of travel to the Apartment and return of the persons included in the Agreement to the actual place of residence of the main Lessee, with:
• costs of transport by car may not exceed the cost of travel by one vehicle with a GVW <3.5t or a rate of 0.65 PLN / 1 km
• bus and rail transport costs may not exceed the value of class II tickets or the amount of PLN 150 / person.
• air transport costs may include only international transport, for Guests with a permanent place of residence / residence abroad - to and from the nearest airport, in economy class, and may not exceed EUR 800 / person.

§13. Additional services

1. The Lessee may use additional services on request (Service On - Demand), before arrival or during the stay, to the extent offered on the Website.
2. Ordering additional services may take place during the Booking process or directly with the Resident, for an additional charge.
3. The Resident or Operator has the right to refuse to perform an additional service due to an objective inability to perform the service, or if the performance of the service is in conflict with the provisions of these Regulations, applicable regulations or is justified by reasons of equity. In particular, this applies to the supply of alcohol to minors or in a state of intoxication.


§14. Complaints

1. In the event of any reservations as to the quality of the equipment and the apartment standard, the Guest is asked to immediately inform the Resident or / and the Operator.
2. Guests have the right to lodge a complaint in the event of noticing deficiencies in the quality of services provided.
3. Complaints should be submitted in writing, immediately after noticing deficiencies in the standard of services rendered.
4. Complaints are accepted and recognized by the Operator in agreement with the Lessor.
5. Complaint shall be processed within 30 business days.



§15. Conditions for the release of the apartment

1. The apartment issues and collects on behalf of the Operator - Resident.
2. The release of the Apartment is based on the ID card presented to the Resident, by handing over the keys and presenting the Apartment and familiarizing the Guests with its equipment.
3. The tenant is required to have a valid photo ID during accommodation in the premises.
4. In the event of refusal to present an ID document upon arrival, a Resident may refuse to hand over the premises.
5. If during the accommodation in the premises glaring incompatibilities of personal data provided by the Lessee at the conclusion of the contract are found, the Operator will be entitled to terminate the contract through the fault of the Lessee, and stay in the premises will be possible after settling the rent in accordance with the reservation.
6. The condition for the release of the Apartment is that the Lessee pays the entire rent on the terms set out in the Regulations and in accordance with the booking conditions, as well as filling out and signing a registration card.
7. If, upon arrival, it turns out that the number of people is greater than that indicated in the Booking Confirmation, the Resident may refuse to issue the Apartment or request an additional fee of PLN 150.00. per person for each started day of stay.


§16. Dates of delivery and return of the Apartment

1. The release of the Apartment takes place on the first day of the lease (on the day of arrival), between 16.00-22.00
2. The Lessee is obliged to return the Apartment on the last day of the lease (on the day of departure) not later than by 10.00
3. It is possible to arrange individually with the Resident the time of delivery and return of the Apartment, whereby the release and return of the Apartment at other times may take place only if it does not cause difficulties in the reception and service of subsequent Guests.
4. It is possible to guarantee a later hour of accommodation, between 22.00-24.00, and a later check-out time, between 7.00-12.00, at the stage of booking, for an additional fee added to the value of the reservation.
5. The Lessee is obliged to inform the Resident about the estimated time of arrival, at the latest on the day preceding the planned day of arrival.
6. The Lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Resident of the inability to reach the previously agreed time.
7. The Operator is not liable to the Lessee for any delays in the release of the Apartment due to the lack of proper notification of arrival time.
8. On the last day of the lease, the Lessee is obliged to return the Apartment in good condition, taking into account the normal degree of wear, through a Resident who will review the Apartment in the presence of the Lessee.
9. If the Apartment is not returned after the end of the lease, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay a contractual penalty for the non-contractual use of the premises in the amount of twice the daily rate of the current rent for the given Apartment, for each day after the end of the lease, unless the extension of the stay has been previously agreed with the Operator .
10. Leaving the apartment after the end of the stay, without the presence of the Resident, is at the risk of the Tenant and may result in the Lessee being charged with the costs of repairs or penalties disclosed after the Tenant's departure, if there are premises specified in the Regulations based on the invoice / debit note issued by the Operator, with the payment deadline, without the Lessee's signature. The amounts indicated in the document charging the Tenant become due after the payment deadline.


§17. Accommodation and tourist tax

1. Accommodation takes place on the basis of a registration card filled out and signed by the Lessee, upon presentation of a valid identity document and payment of the full amount of rent.
2. The registration card should be completed legibly, if possible without deletions, no later than on the day of arrival.
3. The Tenant receives a residence card from the Resident when the Apartment is handed over.
4. Tourist tax is not included in the price, it is collected in cash and discharged to the cash register of the commune office Jastarnia, in accordance with the applicable resolution of the Commune Council in this regard. The person responsible for collecting and paying the local tax is the Landlord.
5. Guests are not officially checked in rented premises.



§ 18. Duties of Guests

1. The Apartment may only be used by the number of persons indicated in the contract.
2. Incapacitated persons and persons under 16 years of age may stay in the Apartment only under the care of legal guardians. Legal guardians bear full financial responsibility for damages caused by their charges.
3. The Lessee may not establish rights on the subject of the contract for the benefit of third parties, nor transfer the rights arising from the contract to third parties, including giving the Apartment or its equipment for paid or unpaid use.
4. Visitors can stay in the Apartment during the day from 7.00 to 22.00.
5. The Lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Resident and / or the Lessor about any damages and deficiencies found in the Apartment.
6. It is forbidden to bring animals to the Apartment, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, smoking and using open fire under pain of contractual penalty.
7. The Apartment cannot store dangerous goods - weapons and ammunition, flammable, explosive and illuminating materials.
8. The Lessee undertakes to maintain the Apartment and its equipment in a proper technical and aesthetic condition and to secure them against access by third parties, theft and other factors that may cause damage, especially by carefully closing doors and windows and careful storage of entry door keys and not making them available keys to bystanders.
9. Apartment guests and visiting persons are obliged to observe the principles of good neighborliness and social co-existence, including respecting the curfew from 22:00 to 7:00.
10. The Lessee has no right to make any repairs or make any expenditures or changes in the Apartment without the prior written consent of the Operator or the Owner. The Lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Resident or Operator about the need to make repairs or expenses. The Lessee is not entitled to demand from the Operator or / and the Owner a refund of expenditure made, unless the parties otherwise agree in writing.
11. The Resident, Operator and Owner have the right to enter the Apartment in order to remove the failure or in case of reasonable suspicion that the Lessee is violating the provisions of the Regulations. In the event that the Lessee is not present in the Apartment, the Resident or Operator shall immediately inform him of the need to enter the Apartment.
12. In the event of a breach of the provisions of the Regulations, the Operator is entitled to terminate the lease agreement with immediate effect, and the Lessee is obliged to immediately leave the Apartment.



§19. Guests' responsibility

1. Guests are jointly and severally liable for any material damage or destruction of the Apartment's technical equipment and devices, arising from their fault or the fault of their visitors.
2. In the event of a breach of the provisions of the Regulations or the Agreement, the Operator may refuse to provide services to a person who violates them. Such a person is obliged to immediately comply with the requests of the Operator or / and the Resident, settle payments for previous services, to pay for any damage and to leave the Apartment.
3. Each time a Guest leaving the Apartment, for safety reasons, should turn off the electrical devices: TVs, DVDs, radios, washing machine, oven, ceramic hob and other excluding devices for heating rooms and water, turn off the light, turn off the taps, close the windows and close door key.
4. The Lessor has the statutory pledge on items brought by the Guests to the Apartment in the event of delay in settling payment for the stay or failure to pay for services rendered. The Lessor exercises his rights by the Operator.


§20. Additional financial responsibility

1. In the event of breach by Guests or visitors of the ban on smoking in the Apartment, the Lessee is obliged, at the Operator's request, to cover the costs of washing - curtains, bedding and other materials that absorb tobacco as well as the costs of ozoning rooms - in a flat amount - PLN 1,000.00.
2. In the event of contamination of the Apartment with vomit caused by poisoning after drinking alcohol or other intoxicants, as well as in the event of contamination of the premises with animal droppings, the Lessee is obliged, at the Operator's request, to cover the costs of cleaning contaminated materials - at a lump sum - PLN 1,000.00.
3. In the event of loss of the entrusted keys to the entrance door or windows, the Lessee will be obliged to cover the costs of replacing patent inserts and / or window locks - at a lump sum - PLN 300.00.
4. In the event of other damage or damage to the Apartment, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay the amount corresponding to the value of the repair or replacement value of damaged, destroyed or lost items.
5. The Operator reserves the right to charge the Lessee the cost of repair or reconstruction in the form of a debit note / invoice without additional signature or debiting the credit card bill also after leaving the Guests.
6. Turning on heating at the Tenant's request outside the heating season, which falls from October 15 to April 15, when the temperature in the Apartment exceeds 18 degrees C., may involve an additional flat fee of PLN 10. gross for each started day of heating the Apartment.
7. In the case of arrival with an animal, an additional flat fee for cleaning in the amount not exceeding PLN 20 may be added. gross for each day of stay.
8. The Lessee agrees for the Operator to transfer receivables due to third parties, if the Lessee does not settle all the costs of stay despite prior request by the Lessee in writing or electronically (e-mail).


§21. Operator's limited liability

1. The Operator and the Lessor are not responsible for the loss or damage of items brought by persons using the Apartment, and in particular for the loss or damage of money, securities, valuables or items of scientific or artistic value.
2. The Operator and the Lessor shall not be liable for damage and loss of a car or other vehicle belonging to the Guests, objects left in it and live animals, regardless of whether these vehicles have been parked in a parking lot inside or outside the building.
3. The Operator and the Lessor shall not be liable for damages and losses to items and persons caused by Guests and their visitors.
4. The Operator is not responsible for insignificant inconsistencies of the premises with the description and photos placed on the Website, provided that these inconsistencies do not affect the possibility of providing a short-term accommodation service in a generally accepted manner and for the intended purpose of the Apartment. 


§22. Things left in the apartment

1. Personal belongings left in the Apartment by outgoing Guests will be sent back to the address indicated by the Lessee at his expense.
2. If the Lessee does not receive an instruction to return the items left behind, the Operator shall store the above items at the expense of their owner for a period of 30 days, and after this period those items will become the property of the Operator.
3. Foodstuffs, medicines, contraceptives and batteries are disposed of immediately.



§23. Personal data

1. The administrator of personal data is the Operator, who can be contacted at
2. The Lessee agrees to the storage and processing of personal data in accordance with art. 6 clause 1 lit. b, c, f RODO by the Operator for the purposes of presenting the rental offer, conclusion of the lease agreement, implementation of the Guests' stay in the Apartment, use of other services provided by the Operator for accounting, archiving and statistical purposes. Personal data may be transferred only to authorized entities (public and local administration authorities, apartment owner, authorized employees, law enforcement authorities) and only for the purpose of performing the contract and / or recovering lease payments. Guests have the right to inspect their personal data and correct it, as well as request changes, limit processing and / or delete at any time. The detailed scope of personal data processing and the rights of persons providing their personal data are made available to the Lessee before booking - on the Website.

§24. Sending away

In matters not covered by these Regulations or the Agreement, the provisions of the Act of April 23, 1964 - Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 16, item 93, as amended)


§25. sizable

1. Any disputes that may arise in connection with the performance of this Agreement shall be settled by the parties amicably, and in the absence of agreement, the dispute will be submitted to the appropriate common court.
2. In the event of claims for compensation, the parties' liability shall be limited to the amount of actual loss suffered, except as provided in the regulations.
3. The applicable law is the law of the Republic of Poland.


§26. Publication

1. The Operator reserves the right to change the content of these Regulations and launch a new version of the Website at any time without having to justify the reason.
2. The provisions of the Regulations in the version applicable on the day of their conclusion shall apply to concluded lease agreements.
3. Agreements concluded between Website Users and the Operator before the date of entry into force of the Regulations are subject to its provisions upon acceptance by the User.
4. All rights arising from these Regulations will also be entitled to the legal successors of the Operator. 
5. The Regulations enter into force on the day of publication on the Website.
6. The Regulations are available on the Operator's website:
7. In justified cases, such as force majeure, war, epidemics, as well as in urgent cases due to sudden changes in the legal status or economic situation, the Operator is entitled to introduce limited exceptions from these Regulations in the form of the so-called policy of conduct aimed at harmonizing the rules of conduct in unforeseen or extraordinary situations, in order to protect the rights and interests of all persons who may in any way be bound by any obligation relationship with the Operator. These deviations do not constitute a change to the Regulations, they can be negotiated and enter into force on the date of publication on the Website.