1000 Plus for tourism. The government is working on a protective shield for the tourism industry.

1000+ for tourism. What is that?

1000 plus for tourism is a new program under the anti-crisis shield that is to help the Polish tourism and hotel industry overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).

According to the Minister of Development, Jadwiga Emilewicz:

“1000 plus is a program we are working on with the Polish Tourist Organization. We have been meeting entrepreneurs from the very first days, since we began to feel the economic effects of the crisis related to the spread of the pandemic. "


Crisis staff for the tourism industry

The Ministry of Development is preparing an aid package for the tourism industry. For this purpose, a crisis team was created for the industry most affected by the coronavirus epidemic. This staff was appointed during a meeting of representatives of the tourism industry with Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz and vice-minister of development Andrzej Gut-Mostowy.

"We want to work with you - the broadly understood tourism industry - to develop and prepare support instruments, and implement them effectively, in order to survive this crisis moment calmly."

1000 plus vouchers. For whom and from when?

The preliminary design of anti-crisis solutions for the tourism industry assumes the distribution of vouchers worth PLN 1,000. each. They are to be vouchers to be issued for any event related to domestic tourism. As of today, it is not known when it will be possible to use 1000+ vouchers, or who exactly will be able to use the program.

According to the Minister, work on the project started at the beginning of the epidemic. It is not known when they will be specified and implemented. We hope that not only hotels and their guests will be able to benefit from government support, but also the short-term rental sector, including holiday apartments by the sea.


Other solutions as part of the anti-crisis shield

In addition to the 1000+ program, the development ministry has proposed that instead of money for a canceled tourist event or booking, customers will be able to receive vouchers for use at other times. The program also provides for the extension of the deadline for the return of advances collected by airlines and tour operators to 180 days.


YourJurata.pl anti-crisis solutions

Without waiting for government decisions, we already introduced the protection policy of our clients who book holiday apartments in Jurata under the TwójJurata.pl brand. Our protection package includes the possibility of converting the paid booking fees into vouchers with a one-year validity, to be used on other dates. We also reduced the amount of booking fees and introduced a number of security solutions for both our guests and the owners of the apartments we offer.


Fighting the crisis requires joint action

The situation in which we found ourselves due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is unprecedented in post-war world history. We are on the verge of a great economic crisis, the effects of which everyone will feel without exception. At the same time, the tourism industry is one of the first to suffer the most and if the epidemic does not end before the upcoming season, many tourism companies may not survive.

To mitigate the economic impact of the epidemic, concerted action by tourists, hoteliers and government is needed. We count on specific support from the state, but we also ask our guests and all tourists from our country not to give up on booked trips and, if possible, change the dates of their stay.

We are open to any suggestions and we approach each client very flexibly. We do not expect everyone to be ready to postpone their holiday by the sea, but ask for a rational approach to cancellation.

We support the action with all our strength and heart #ZmienTerminNieOdwoluj