Naturist beach in Chałupy

Chałupy Welcome To, a nudist beach in Chałupy.

Nudist beach in Chałupy is the most famous and one of the oldest nudist beaches in Poland. It was established in 1960, and it owes its fame mainly to the song "Chałupy Welcome To" performed by Zbigniew Wodecki.

The Polish Naturist Movement was also established in Chałupy, approx. 16 km from Jurata. In 1977, the First Naturist Rally took place on the Baltic Sea.

Initially, the beach functioned on both sides of Chałupy and never posed a problem to the local community. An interesting fact is that in 1984, two naked holidaymakers went to the local shop, which caused widespread indignation.

Currently, the nudist beach is only on the side of the open sea.

Free parking, where you can park your car, is located at ul. Bosmanska.

Nudist beaches also existed in Poland before World War II. The most famous beaches were in Zaleszczyki and Otwock. More "naked" beaches appeared at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, Poland was embraced by the madness of the moral revolution and the fashion for naturism, which was developing in Western Europe.


photo by Z. Zyburtowicz


The story of a certain song

It was 1985, when Ryszard Poznakowski came to Zbigniew Wodecki and asked the singer to record a funny and light song for the summer. The work's convention differed significantly from that emploi Wodeckeigo as it was a pastiche of dancing songs.

The lyrics of the song were written by Grażyna Orlińska, at the request of Poznakowski, who commissioned the author to write in a hit style Acapulco, which in the 1980s was quite a challenge in Poland. It took only 2 hours for Grażyna Orlińska to write the text!

Among the potential performers of "Chałupy", apart from Zbigniew Wodecki, there were also Tadeusz Ross and Irena Santor. The singer, however, refused to perform, claiming that "She will not sing about naked women".

The song, performed by Zbigniew Wodecki, quickly became a hit and hit the first place on the TV charts, as the authors found out while in the USA:

One day we were buying a sausage somewhere in a Polish store in Milwaukee, Rysiu Poznakowski glanced at the Polish newspaper and deboned it. “Zbyszek, look at this!”- Zbigniew Wodecki recalled

Soon after the song was recorded, a music video was made for it, kept in an equally frivolous style. The clip for "Chałupy" sparked heated discussions. It was not the order of the day to see naked men in all their glory on public television, as they were depicted in the video. There were also many myths around the clip, one of them were rumors that at the end of the recording, Zbigniew Wodecki himself would undress and run on the beach. This, of course, is just a rumor.

Thanks to the song, the whole of Poland learned about Chałupy, and the news about the naturist beach here also spread beyond the borders of our country.

"Chałupy (Welcome To)"

  • text: Grażyna Orlińska
  • music: Ryszard Poznakowski
  • original version: Zbigniew Wodecki
  • date of creation: 1985


“As every year in Chałupy
When the heat begins
There is a huge buzzing noise
You can meet a naked man
Like the beach in Mombassa
Golców whole crowd.
They will undress again
Miss Natura choose
A shudder passed through the village
Textiles sit in the bushes
They bite the fingers of the powerless
They implore the rain.
Chałupy welcome to Bahama mama luz
Wild Africa has long been discovered
Chałupy welcome to!
Chałupy welcome to sun of Jamaica blue
Polish Barbados and Galapagos
Chałupy welcome to!
They take a bearing to the beach
These textile borers
They want to tan corduroy
How to disperse savages
Can plant cacti
Will they get over this slack?
We don't need any fun
Like in some Bermuda
The fear is to leave the house
They do all in bamboo
Would come in handy out of date
Although the fig leaf.
Chałupy welcome to Bahama mama luz
Wild Africa has long been discovered
Chałupy welcome to!
Chałupy welcome to sun of Yamaica blue
Polish Barbados and Galapagos
Chałupy welcome to!