Goldpoint Zone

Goldpoint Zone. Dorota Goldpoint has opened a cafe in Jurata.

After the boutique, it's time for a cafe

A well-known fashion designer, opened her first cafe in Jurata. However, this is not the first project of Dorota Goldpoint in this place branded with the name of the designer, because there is an exclusive showroom, opened a few years earlier, where customers can admire and buy creations from the latest collections of this brand.

Goldpoint Zone, because this is the name of the new point on the gastronomic map of Jurata, is located at ul. Ratibora 27, near the promenade leading from the sea to the pier, in the very center of restaurants, boutiques and an art gallery.

Goldpoint Zone "is a place with a unique atmosphere and decor, created out of love for beauty and passion for creation" - we read on the official profile of the designer

The interior of the cafe refers to the Parisian cafes which inspired the designer. We can find here small tables decorated with orchids, pots filled with flowers, high-quality elegant equipment, all in bright white applause. On the walls are photos from a special session of the project's ambassadors, and in the background you can hear good music, which makes it impossible not to relax.

The arrangement works took several weeks, and the designer took care of every detail, thanks to which an elegant place was created, which you do not want to leave and which has never been in Jurata. There is also a garden where you can enjoy the specialties served here in the fresh air.

In the cafe, we can drink aromatic coffee and excellent wine, and taste delicious desserts - both classic and with seasonal fruit, including dietary cakes. The menu also includes snacks, perfect for a second breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea.

Goldpoint zone in the yurt's garden
source photo: facebook @goldpointzone

Grand opening

The inauguration of the first Dorota Goldpoint cafe was combined with the vernissage of Marlena Bielińska's photos for the project "Inner Power" (org. "The Inner Power"), developed by the designer, and the opening of the book by Dorota Goldpoint herself, "The Heart Has No Wrinkles".

The event was graced by the performance of the violinist, Natalia Walewska - concertmaster of the Baltic Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.

Many famous and important people attended the opening ceremony, incl. the mayor of Jastarnia - Tyberiusz Narkowicz, Anna Korcz, Beata Ścibakówna or Alicja Węgorzewska.

goldpoint zone jurata a.korcz.b.scibakowna
source photo: facebook @goldpointzone

A place for women

Goldpoint Zone is a place that was created with women in mind, as a continuation of a wider project by Dorota Goldpoint called "The Inner Power"

The inner power "is a tribute to maturity, the aim of which is to give meaning to mature women, who with age become transparent to men and the environment in which they function." The project is to show that maturity is an asset, and the power of a mature woman comes from within, from calmness, balance, experience and knowledge.

The ambassadors of the project are: Grażyna Szapołowska, Alicja Węgorzewska, Katarzyna Grochola, Anna Korcz, Joanna Kurowska, Katarzyna Żak, Jolanta Fraszyńska, Agata Młynarska, and the "Honorary Hero" - Irena Santor.

More about the project "The Inner Power" on the official website of the designer.


By choosing to vacation in Jurata, a visit to Goldpoint Zone is a must. It is a unique place, filled with positive energy, art, the aroma of delicious and strong coffee and a wonderful idea aimed at activating mature women by encouraging them to fulfill their dreams, regardless of their age. 

We congratulate Mrs. Dorota on creating this wonderful place and wish her further development and success!