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"TwójJurata.pl - Holiday Apartments for everyone"

TwójJurata.pl is a new quality on the property management market for rent in the area of the Jastarnia commune, on the Hel Peninsula.

We are a short-term rental operator offering the widest spectrum of services related to the service of holiday apartments on the market. Our brand is part of a family-owned Polish investment company with many years of tradition and extensive experience in the field of real estate services. TwójJurata.pl was created out of love for Jurata, its unrivaled charm and interesting history of this place.

As the only company in the region that offers apartment rental services, we base our business on professional property management. This means that we constantly undertake activities related to maintaining all apartments in proper technical and aesthetic condition, we make sure that they meet the requirements set by law, both in terms of safety and in terms of meeting sanitary requirements.

Going with the times and observing the changing trends and behavior of tourists, we have just launched a new booking service that should meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

All ours Holiday apartments in Jurata you can securely book online in a few simple steps, and most importantly the entire booking process takes place in real time. This means a huge saving of time for our customers who do not have to wait for confirmation of availability, payment details or booking confirmation. Reservation of the selected premises can be easily made in a few minutes by making a payment at the same time using all currently available channels and means of payment.

Our guests can enjoy many amenities and privileges.

To ensure the greatest comfort during your stay, we have introduced the service Service On-Demand, under which the customer can choose a number of additional options that he would like to use when deciding on a seaside holiday. These services include the possibility of ordering additional cleaning and even ozonation of the apartment, pick up from the train station or the possibility of renting equipment that facilitates everyday operation, such as a beach stroller, baby pram and many more.

Observing the current economic situation, we have also introduced an innovative one Partner Program, which allows customers to benefit from numerous discounts at our partners throughout Poland, offering the entire spectrum of services from accommodation, through welness services, to shopping. Of course, discounts work both ways, which means that our partners' customers can book apartments with TwójJurata.pl with discounts. We also accept the Varsovian Card and in the near future we will be giving accommodation discounts to Large Family Card holders.

What fully sets the TwójJurata.pl brand apart from all the competition is the fact that we are developing CSR programs (Corporate Social Responsibility). Under this 1% policy, the value of every paid reservation goes to charity. This 1% does not charge our Guests' wallets in any way, because they are funds from our promotion fund, and not from the fees for renting the apartments. Thus, everyone who makes reservations with us is committed to doing good and helping others.

In our portfolio, available to everyone, we have apartments of different standards and at different prices, so that everyone can find a place that suits their needs and financial possibilities. We try to satisfy more or less sophisticated tastes, that's why you can choose from apartments in intimate tenement houses and in exclusive apartment buildings with a view of the Puck Bay (Selena Apartment) or with a private roof terrace (Penthouse at Willa Ogień). For less demanding customers, we have an offer of less exclusive but equally functional apartments, with a view of the beautiful pine forest (Forest Apartment).

Most of the apartments in our offer are premises available all year round.

Prices for rent are different, but start from below PLN 200 per night outside the holiday peak. At the same time, we encourage you to use our offer also outside the high season, from autumn to spring. It is during this period that iodine concentration in the air is highest, prices are lower and traffic is lower. These qualities are worth using for recreational and health stays, especially for the elderly and those with respiratory problems.

We also service Premium class apartments, designed for guests who do not count with expenses. These are premises with large areas, often well above 100 sq m, in the first seaside line, with numerous amenities, such as a Jacuzzi in the bathroom, swimming pool and gym on the premises, and even a concierge. However, this is a luxury available to the few, which does not prevent these premises from being booked even 2 years in advance.

As a property management company, we also serve premises that are intended solely for their owners. They are so-called second homes (secondhouse). As part of our services, we constantly supervise such apartments, regularly looking after them, airing and cleaning them, and providing technical support when needed and at every request of the owner.

We invite you to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world which is Jurata and to cooperate to the extent that you deem necessary.

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