Sea Hare

Sea Hare. A year-round restaurant in Kuźnica overlooking the Bay of Puck.

When going on vacation to Jurata, regardless of the season, it is worth stopping in Kuźnica to taste the dishes served by the Morski Zając restaurant located here.

The restaurant is open all year round. Atmospheric interior, always full bar and most importantly - fresh dishes will surely satisfy the most demanding palates. Everyone will find something for themselves. There are also culinary attractions for children. 

photo by Morski Zając


Because the most important thing is taste

Morski Zając is a combination of three culinary cultures. Mediterranean cuisine blends gently with Polish tradition, and all this is accompanied by Kashubian flavors.

The restaurant serves simple and very sophisticated dishes, so everyone will find something suitable on the menu, from the art of meat, through seafood, to vegetarian dishes.

photo by Morski Zając


In harmony with nature

Out of concern for ecology, the restaurant serves MSC, Global Gap, and Frend of the Sea certified sea fish. However, we will not find endangered Baltic species or those on black lists.

The restaurant is guided by the principle less waste. This means that cooks make the most of the products they use to generate as little waste as possible. Water is served only in glass bottles, disposable dishes are made of biodegradable materials and the rule applies here zero plastic.

photo by Morski Zając


Open all year round and overlooking the Little Sea

Morski Zając is one of the few restaurants on the Hel Peninsula that serves guests not only during the holiday season. We will be served here with full professionalism also in the off-season.

While enjoying the multi-colored cuisine in the cozy interiors of the restaurant, you can admire the picturesque views. Morski Zając is located in the first line of buildings on the Bay of Puck.

photo by Morski Zając