Coastal Defense Museum

Museum of Coastal Defense in Hel

Coastal Defense Museum is part of the Hel Museum Complex. It was created in 2006 on the initiative of the "Military Monuments" section of the "Hel Friends" Association in cooperation with the mayor of Hel.

The museum opened its doors to visitors on May 1, 2006 and since then has been gaining popularity due to numerous and peculiar exhibitions.

The museum is located in military facilities from the Second World War. Thanks to EU funding, the "Bruno" position and the fire control tower were restored.

The first exhibition was dedicated to Commander Zbigniew Przybyszewski, who became the patron of the museum. Commander Przybyszewski was a defender of Hel and a victim of the bestiality of the military security service.

In rooms B-2 there are permanent and periodic exhibitions, a TV room as well as magazines and workshops.

The Coastal Defense Museum is a must-see point for fans of military history and a great attraction for tourists. We recommend visiting this extraordinary place by the sea, so you can creatively spice up vacation in Jurata.

Revenues from the sale of tickets are allocated to the maintenance and development of the museum complex.

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