Songs about Jurata

Jurata is an amazing place in many ways. The resort, located in the heart of pine forest, with the most beautiful beaches in Europe and surrounded by sea waters from the north and south, gained popularity as early as the interwar period. Pure and delicate sand, modernist buildings and all iodine masses in the air are just a few of the many advantages of this place that made the saying:

Who was not on vacation in Jurata, this one has never been on vacation.

It is no wonder that Jurata attracts many artists every year, and for some of them it became an inspiration to compose songs that more or less refer to Jurata.

We've prepared a mini charts that highlight the value of this peculiar place. The list is completely random, it does not reflect our musical tastes or the number of singles sold.


"There are no more wild beaches"

You can write the entire monograph about this work. Music to the text by Krzysztof Logan-Tomaszewski was initially to be written by Czesław Niemen, but after many weeks of rehearsals it turned out that nothing would happen. The second attempt to compose music was made by Ryszard Seremeta and as the future showed, it was a successful attempt. The song was adapted a lot and permanently entered the history of Polish music. The first person who heard the composition was ... a painter painting the composer's apartment. 

  • text: Krzysztof Logan-Tomaszewski
  • music: Ryszard Seremeta
  • original version: Irena Santor
  • date of creation: 1985

"Empty Jurata beacheshave fallen asleep the bins already
Only a winding guy, his nose propping up the pole
A gray sheet of newspaper, the wind rises up
Today nobody will read what the world has told us.
The heart bites nostalgia and the soul is cut by ice
Mahalia sings on his radio, his black, sad blues
The hotel has free rooms, the spider sleeps at the reception
I put in the bags slowly, crumbs of those days
There are no more wild beaches
On which I collected ambers
When I walked with you to the dog
And the gulls of eight were sketching
There are no more wild beaches
And a bustling cafe by the pier
Not one face has disappeared
And many lost their youth, their youth
I get on the return train, wipe away one tear
People are lonely, whether they want it or not
I look into the eyes of autumn, a flock of clouds by the sea
The landscape of my hopes escapes me from under my wheels. "


"Jurata in the rain"

The song is not very popular, but it fully reflects the atmosphere of Jurata. This underlines the somewhat ironic text of Jan Wołek and the nonchalant performance of Master Wodecki. The song released in '95 on the untitled album (Zbigniew Wodecki), which is the artist's third and most eclectic album.

  • text: Jan Wołek
  • music: Zbigniew Wodecki
  • original version: Zbigniew Wodecki
  • date of creation: 1995

"Sad how Jurata in the rain
I wet my esophagus in the Grill bar
It's not cheap, but you have to have a gesture and style
One beer!
Among the bitten dishes
At my noticeable chic
A few ladies resonate, but I do them in a flash
Because it's time for love
When he enters, I'll start like this:
Baby, you are in my dreams
So basically we know each other
I am Stach
Please, invite me to Your dream
I am gentle but also a men
And I have only big plans
Sit next to me and cast my fear away
Maybe a beer
Sad like Jurata in the rain
Third week at the Grill bar
I wait but it is worth it
To suffer like that for these moments
One beer!
But when you enter, I say:
Baby, you are in my dreams
So basically we know each other
I am Stach
Experience the thrill with me
Like this muse and like this prophet
Let the hearts of the gates open
I'm waiting here, do you know that?
For your love
Sad like Jurata in the rain "

"Jurata 34-38"

Carefree vacation in Jurata, in the period just after the establishment of the resort and the prospect of the coming cataclysm of World War II, described in the text by Wojciech Młynarski and with the daring performance of Agnieszka Kotulanka for the cabaret Dudek. With this little known and wrongly forgotten song, Jurata also appeared in the actor's song. 

  • text: Wojciech Młynarski
  • music: Jerzy Derfel
  • original version: Agnieszka Kotulanka
  • Date of creation: 1994

"This horizon is a blue line,
an amber tear on the beach,
taste salty on the lips of the wind
and the sun that burns like this.
Dwarf pine on the dune,
and under it we and the world record,
every day, every now and then beaten in flight -
record of youth, jokes, mischief ...
Jurata '34 -
oh, tear, spin, spin ...
Jurata '34 -
the charm of black and white photos ...
Jurata '34 -
in adulthood the first jump ...
Jurata '34 -
Matura exam in less than a year,
Matura exam in a year ...
At the pier jokes and courting,
hiking to Jastrzębia Góra
and the news from Jastarnia is like thunder,
that he opened up Spa house.
And the guy who pulled us there to
sign up for the samba competition,
and took the Grand Prix, arousing a murmur
of delight - familiar Fred Astaire ...
Jurata '34 -
in adulthood the first jump ...
Jurata '34 -
Matura exam in a year ...
Jurata '34 -
the white Hel Peninsula ...
Jurata '34 -
first love first white,
first love white ...
And thought, thought never stops:
there will be no war, it will not be bad,
what bad luck would like
from these sunny souls and bodies?
Why would bad luck feed on him?
youth shooting around Jastarnia
and drown the world in a flood of tears,
when is August so beautiful?
Jurata '38 -
gaze fixed on the horizon ...
Jurata '38 -
what will happen next year?
Jurata '38 -
first love white ...
Jurata '38 -
fragile goal for bad luck ...
fragile goal for fate ... "


"Jurata, railway station"

( "Stay")

End of August, end of vacation ... or end of love? A song unjustly forgotten and little known, with the lyrics of Master Młynarski and the music of Andrzej Jagodziński. The song is commonly known as "Stay", incorrectly because the author's title is "Jurata, PKP station". 

  • text: Wojciech Młynarski
  • music: Andrzej Jagodziński
  • original version: Wojciech Młynarski
  • date of creation: -

Jurata, railway station
At the station a boy and a girl
He is thrashing with her suitcase
Still starting to say something
He goes, stops, and mistakes the step
He says, doesn't stop, nods
And such a request his eyesight
Expresses on a warm August night:
Because autumn is coming, jealous
Who enjoys human breakups
And it obscures every goal
Because ruthless winter is coming
What all snow blowers can handle
I will put everything in cold white
The most beautiful spring without you
Will tangle the thread, lose the looms
Does not embroider white lilacs
Let fate be there in summer
Where thistles grow at the seaside
They cherish the shadow for our heads
Before your train reaches Poznań
Let the sum of holiday experiences
There will be a very short word "yes"
Life is like fasting
Life hurts like periosteum
When I miss your smile
On a few unburned bridges
Hope sister in love
She set her guard
Stand up against doubts
And give the guard a simple password
Only slogan - "I love you"
Jurata, station, August, regret
At the station, a boy who stayed alone
The train drove away
Crown witness of human partings
And the boy doesn't know yet
The stone will fall slightly from his heart
And tomorrow he will fall in love again
Although today it repeats like an echo:
Stay, stay ...




"Moon over Jurata"

The song is kept in a Latin climate, full of carefree summer vacation written for Anna Wyszkoni. As the performer says "This song is to make people happy". In the dancing and sensual music video, the singer is accompanied by, among others Tomasz Barański. 

  • text: Andrzej Mogielnicki
  • music: Jan Borysewicz
  • original version: Anna Wyszkoni
  • date of creation: 2019
"Let's forget like children
In the summer season of short dreams
Moon over Jurata shines
The evening is thick like honey
Summer craze, summer craze
It hits our heads
Summer craze, summer craze
Like a colorful drink
Summer craze, summer craze
It captures us, absorbs us
The summer frenzy of our bodies
Sweet Possession
What will happen will happen
Tomorrow will be what is to be
Moon over Jurata silver sand on the beach
You want to love, you want to live for us
Summer craze, summer craze
It hits our heads
Summer craze, summer craze
Like a colorful drink
Summer craze, summer craze
It captures us, absorbs us
The summer frenzy of our bodies
Sweet Possession
Tomorrow will be what is to be
I want to love, I want to live
Lunatic wave dance
He will wash away any trace of us
Summer craze, summer craze
It hits our heads
Summer craze, summer craze
Like a colorful drink
Summer craze, summer craze
It captures us, absorbs us
The summer frenzy of our bodies
Sweet Possession "

"Girls like brown"

One of the hottest hits of the summer of 2000, known and sung by almost everyone, like long and wide Poland. Many distinguished artists worked on the music layer of this song. The song was recorded in Poland and the USA. The final rhythmic version is one of many proposed by session musicians while working on the song in the United States.

  • text: Jacek Cygan
  • music: Ryszard Rynkowski
  • original version: Ryszard Rynkowski
  • date of creation: 2000
"Girls like brown,
And the sun knows it,
That girls like brown
And he tenderly caresses them.
And when the night falls
This brown is so beautiful
That the moon checks itself
There are no white spots.
From the Costa del Sol
After our Jurata,
The moon checks every night
Who got tanned in the summer,
This moon is not alone
There is a Lord nearby
And then they sleep
Girl, Lord and Bronze,
From the Costa dei Sol
For our Jurata,
The moon checks every night
Who fell in love in the summer,
The caress of our hands
Slightly rubs brown,
Fortunately, the day is getting up
And the sun wakes you up. "


Disco polo song recorded in 2002 by the band Junior. The band was founded in 1994 in Bialystok, by two brothers: Tomasz and Marcin Popławski. 

  • text: Marcin Siegieńczuk
  • music: Tomasz Sidoruk, Rafał Królik
  • original version: Junior
  • Date of creation: 2002

"The whole beach is ours today, it's raining all over the Mediterranean,
dream climate, like from a dream, you will only fulfill your dreams here.
Ref. Tell mom and send a card to dad where they have the best time: in Jurata,
Tell me man, you don't know my friend, where Jurata is - where - on Hel! x2
Oeo, oeo, oeo, oeo
It is unreal to be bored here, bad moods are forbidden,
in the shade, maybe thirty-two, a paradise on earth, everything is fine here

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