Winter holidays in Jurata

Family winter holidays at the seaside. Is it worth it and how to prepare for a trip to the Baltic Sea in winter?

When planning a winter vacation in Poland, most travelers choose the mountains. It is quite a natural choice, especially for people actively practicing winter sports. However, there are reasons why you should change your habits and go to the Baltic Sea at least once in winter, which, contrary to appearances, may turn out to be equally attractive, also to spend family holidays.

We advise on what you can count on when deciding to spend winter holidays on the Polish coast and how to prepare for the trip.

Forget about smog and take a deep breath

The air quality in Pomerania is definitely better than in the rest of the country, due to stronger wind and open space, as well as a much lower density of people and vehicles than in other regions of Poland.

Departure to winter holidays to the seaside, is a great idea, especially for residents of the southern parts of the country and large cities, who face significant air pollution and ubiquitous smog on a daily basis, most noticeable in the winter.

Choosing the Polish coast on winter rest, you can breathe fully breastfeeding. Due to the high concentration of valuable elements in the air, especially iodine. Winter holidays by the sea are a great choice for families with children and for couples expecting offspring. Iodine is an element very important for the nervous system and is especially recommended for children and pregnant women. Deficiency of this element adversely affects physical and intellectual development, it may also cause slower growth and problems with concentration and memory.

In winter, the concentration of iodine at the Baltic Sea is the highest, so it is worth considering a trip to the seaside with your children for a few days in order to replenish the deficiencies of this element in the body in a natural way and combining pleasant with useful.

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Full relaxation and unforgettable views

Outside the holiday season, it is in vain to look for crowds of tourists by the sea. Winter is the perfect time for relaxing walks in nature, in peace and quiet. At the same time, you can admire the beauty of nature and admire the views that you will not find in winter in other parts of the country.

A significant part of the Polish coast, including the Hel Peninsula with Jurata, is located in the Coastal Landscape Park and is included in the Natura 2000 area.

It is here that you can commune with unique nature during long, relaxing walks on the beach or among the pine forest, which looks fabulous under a layer of white fluff. Even if you don't manage to hit a snowy winter, the breeze frozen on tree branches naturally paints nostalgic pictures in which you can completely lose yourself.

Certainly, it can be quite an exotic experience to observe a frightened sea, and with a bit of luck, unusual creations of nature, in the form of ice balls formed as a result of pieces of ice floes rubbing against each other, thrown ashore. Winter is also the perfect time to observe picturesque storms and learn about the dark nature of the Polish sea.

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Or maybe you'll meet a seal ...

The winter period is the time for seals! While strolling along the seashore, you can meet animals resting on the beach. However, remember not to disturb their blissful rest and not to get too close so as not to scare them. Frightened seals can pose a serious threat not only to intrusive observers, but also to themselves.

So if we see a seal lazing around after feeding, let's stop for a moment, take a photo from a distance and avoid it for our common safety. If, however, you notice an injured animal, you should immediately inform the Hel Sea Station (tel. 58 675 08 36) or the Blue Patrol WWF (tel. 795 536 009), which works with the Hel sealarium on a daily basis. 

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Sport is health

You don't have to go to the mountains at all to enjoy healthy exercise and winter sports. The coastal plains are a great place for, for example, cross-country skiing, not to mention walking, jogging and even tobogganing from numerous hills and mounds.

For the bolder and more persistent, we recommend sea water, that is, taking winter baths to toughen the body and mind!

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How to get to the sea in winter?

In winter, to the seaside the easiest way to get there by your own car. Unfortunately, there are no direct trains to Jurata from most cities, as is the case during the holiday season. It is true that you can get to the Hel Peninsula by train, but you will need to change in Gdynia. Of course, this does not apply to people traveling from the Tri-City.

Traveling with your own means of transport will certainly be more comfortable, especially for people going on a winter break with children. Depending on road conditions, the journey should be smooth. In winter, we rarely get stuck in traffic jams.

However, remember to properly prepare your vehicle for the road. The car should have up-to-date technical examinations. Before leaving, check the condition of the tires and remember to use winter tires. An important element, especially in winter, is the brake system. If the brake pads are approaching the end of their service life, they must be replaced. In winter, it gets dark quickly and the roads are gray. It is therefore important to check the lighting, replace worn bulbs and adjust the lights correctly, which we often forget. You should also top up the fluids, remembering to add winter washer fluid, which will be used frequently on the way to the seaside. Do not forget to check the battery. An old or damaged battery in a car can make an unpleasant surprise by immobilizing the vehicle, especially in frost. When traveling with children, remember about car seats and securing objects against moving around in the cabin.

When going to the seaside by car, avoid traveling after dusk. Better to leave at dawn and travel during the day. Thanks to this, the trip will not be stressful or tiring, and you can admire the views.

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What to pack in the suitcase

When going to the seaside in winter, it is necessary to pack warm clothes to protect against the wind. The maritime climate is characterized by moderate temperatures. In winter, it is much warmer at the seaside than in the south of the country, but because nothing is lost in nature, nature "makes up for losses" with windy weather. Therefore, remember about a long jacket that covers the hips, preferably with welts at the waist and on the sleeves to avoid unpleasant blowing and unnecessary cooling of the body.

A hood or hoodie will certainly be useful too. During a winter storm, a hat alone may not be sufficient to protect against freezing, humid winds. Most of the heat "escapes" from the body through the head, hands and feet. Therefore, it is worth packing gloves and comfortable, insulated ankle boots, which will also protect the joints from possible sprains.

Insulated pants, detachable warmers, tights or underpants will also be a good protection. Don't forget about a long scarf or chimney to protect your face from the wind. For children and people who are sensitive to cold, we recommend balaclavas that insulate the whole head well against the cold.

They can also be useful Sunglassesespecially on sunny and sunny days. Light reflected from sand or water is also very dazzling in winter. Let's choose branded glasses with a UV filter that will protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Choosing ours apartments in Jurata, Guests receive fresh linen and a set of towels. However, when traveling with small children, you should take their favorite bedding, blanket and toys.


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