Summer hits of all time - TVP and PR concert

"Summer hits of all time" - concert in Jastarnia. Who will perform and when?

On Saturday, August 7, 2021 at 20.00, at the beach in Jastarnia, there will be an open-air concert with the participation of the greatest stars of the Polish stage.

The organizers of the event are Polish Television together with The Third Program of Polish Radio and the town of Jastarnia.

Summer hits of all time - Line up

The beach stage in Jastarnia will feature, among others,  Urszula, Sylwia Grzeszczak, Ewelina Lisowska, Łzy, Loka, Big Day, Red Guitars, Breasts, Feel, Sebastian Riedel, Damian Ukeje as well as a guest from abroad - Arash.
In Jastarnia we will hear the greatest summer hits and summer hits known to everyone: "Agnieszka", "Historia pewnej acquaintance", "Bałkanica", "Dandelions, kites, wind", "Towards the sun", "On a hot summer day", "Kiss me "," Jolka Jolka "and many others. An excellent Swedish singer of Iranian origin, Arash will perform, among others his big hit "Temptation".

Dancers will also appear on stage Agustin Egurrolawho will add splendor to the performances of stars with their choreography.

They will conduct the concert Marzena Kawa and Karol Gnat. The partners of the event are the Third Program of Polish Radio and the City Jastarnia.

If you spend vacation in Jastarnia, you can't miss this event!
Marzena Kawa on a daily basis associated with the editorial office of TVP 2's "Questions for Breakfast" and "Pogoda". From 2019, he also runs the Four Seasons on radio Jedynka;  
Karol Gnat since November last year, he has been cooperating with the Polish Radio Three, where he conducts the afternoon band. We have been able to watch him on TVP for 6 years, where he is the host of "Panorama" and "About it is being said" on the TVP Info channel
Concert "Summer hits of all time" - Saturday, August 7, hours. 20:00 on TVP3, TVP2 and Channel Three of Polish Radio.
Source: press materials