7 billion for tourism. 1000 plus vouchers for holidays in Poland.

PLN 7 billion. That's all the government wants to spend this year to support domestic tourism. We know more details about the "thousand plus" program.

Today, deputy prime minister and minister of development - Jadwiga Emilewicz provided further information on the launch of the program under which Poles are to receive tourist vouchers worth PLN 1,000, to be used on vacations in Poland. Support in the form of vouchers would reach 7 million citizens.

From the program 1000+ employees who are employed under an employment contract and whose remuneration does not exceed the average remuneration of PLN 5,200 will be able to benefit. gross.

The vouchers are to be made available by employers, with the state paying 90% for their value. This means that employers would incur PLN 100. the value of each voucher from your own budget. In subsequent years, the share of the Treasury would gradually decrease. However, it is not known for how long this form of assistance would function.

The details of the program are still unknown, but it is known that the support will not be paid to the beneficiary's account, but transferred in the form of a pre-paid card that can be paid for tourist services on government websites prepared for this purpose.

Funds from the thousand plus program for tourism will be available for tourist services, including tourist packages and on condition that they contain accommodation. This applies to services provided only in Poland, and this means that if the program enters into force, vouchers can be used, for example on vacation in Jurata. Money from the program can be spent not only on your own vacation, but also to pay for your immediate family's vacation.

We don't know when exactly the new support program will be launched, but we hope that nothing will prevent us from appearing in government sales channels apartments in Jurata, as one of the options available to tourists.

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