Apartments for rent in Jurata. Safe short-term rental.

Apartment rental for holidays is becoming increasingly popular, especially in holiday resorts, where the number of hotel rooms and holiday homes is limited.

Sometimes renting an apartment is much more advantageous than single rooms. Mainly because we get the whole place at our own disposal and ultimately pay less for a stay with family or friends than we would have to spend reserving hotel rooms.

The choice of holiday apartments by the sea is huge and prices vary greatly. We will suggest how to choose the only one accommodation in Jurata were successful.

First of all: only proven apartments

When looking for an apartment to rent for a holiday, choose those offers that do not raise doubts. Before booking, check that the person or company offering the rental accommodation actually exists. A nice website and some professional interior photos are definitely not enough. Let's not be afraid of contact. Let's send an e-mail with a list of questions, and preferably call and talk about what we expect and what we can expect. Lack of contact details on the announcement page or website should give us food for thought.

If the landlord is a company or a short-term rental operator, let's look for information about them. Let's check the opinions and also don't avoid contact. Remember that it is always safer to talk to an institution experienced in servicing rentals than to private persons, who are sometimes impossible to verify. This is obviously not a rule and is deprecated for a command.

Sometimes you can save a lot by making a full prepayment, i.e. by paying the entire stay once in advance, before arrival. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as there is an honest recipient on the other side. If we meet with such an offer, ask if we will get a refund and in what part in the event of cancellation or cancellation (it is normal that the landlord reserves a refund only of a part of the amount paid in the event of cancellation, e.g. 50%). Let's ask for confirmation of the reservation or payment, even in the form of a text message or e-mail.

Renting our apartments At Jurata TwójJurata.pl you can be sure that you will not find a cat in a poke. We check all the premises in our offer personally and confirm reservations in writing.

Secondly: location

In seaside resorts such as Jurata or Jastarnia, the location itself is not the most important element, as these are relatively small towns, and the distance to the sea or main attractions is not very diverse. On the other hand, the immediate surroundings of the building and the view from the windows, as well as the location on the floor may be of significance.

Let's think about what we expect when choosing a place to vacation. If we are going with children, we should choose locations as close as possible to the sea. If there is no elevator in the building, look for apartments on the lowest floors. Contrary to appearances, the ground floor is not a bad solution. We will save the waiting time for the elevator, and when there is no elevator in the building, we will not waste strength on climbing stairs with all beach equipment.

One main provincial road runs through the Hel Peninsula. This can be felt mainly in the summer season. Along the road there is also the only railway line with many pedestrian crossings. It is not difficult to guess that the noise coming from these arteries can be bothersome. So let's first look for apartments away from the main road, in the second or third line of buildings.

Our offer includes various apartments that meet all location requirements.

Third: equipment and service

Before making a reservation, please read the apartment rental offer carefully. Let's check what is included, what is included in the price and what you will have to pay extra for. We should also make sure that the cleaning of the apartments in Jurata and Jastarnia as well as the replacement of bed linen and towels are included in the rental price.

And again - when in doubt, call and ask! No, even the best booking system can replace contact with a human being.

By renting TwójJurata.pl Apartments you do not incur any hidden costs. Cleaning, bed linen and towels are always included in the price. You can choose additional options when booking. You know all prices before you make a reservation.

Fourth: price is not everything

Do not be influenced by the price when choosing an apartment for your vacation. A low price does not always mean savings. On the contrary: if the price per night is very competitive, we may have a suspicion bordering on certainty that we will have to pay extra for something during the stay.

Ultimately it may turn out (although this is not the rule) that you are renting cheap apartment we will be forced to incur additional costs, e.g. in the form of a service fee for preparing the apartment, fees for issuing keys in the evening or for changing bed linen that we did not know about before.

Such situations do not take place in our apartments! We do not charge our guests with any additional fees that we have not previously notified.

Fifth: parking lot

Jurata and Jastarnia are covered by the paid parking zone in the holiday season. This means that from July 1 to August 31, parking fees in parking meters should be paid for leaving a vehicle in public places. These are not small amounts.

Before making a reservation, let's check whether the premises we are interested in has its own parking space and whether we will have to incur additional parking fees due to the arrival by car.

Most of the apartments we offer have their own free parking spaces. However, if it is necessary to pay for the parking lot, we will inform you about it before you pay for the reservation.

we invite you to vacation to Jurata. We offer only proven apartments of a high standard and fully equipped!

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