What should you choose for a holiday in Jurata, a hotel or an apartment?

Going well deserved rest at the seaside We often have to choose what kind of accommodation to choose for a successful vacation - a hotel room or an apartment in Jurata?


Which choice will be better? It depends on what we expect.


Both solutions have as many supporters as opponents. Unfortunately, very often outdated stereotypes support the final choice.

Opponents of accommodation in apartments claim that staying in the apartment carries a risk already at the booking stage, in fear of dishonest owners and the need to self-clean the rented apartment, the need to take much more luggage, e.g. bedding or towels.

Nothing could be more wrong!


As part of the TwójJurata.pl brand, we are guided by several principles that guarantee our guests the highest level of service, and we are satisfied with the possibility of satisfying the needs of customers.


First: security

By renting TwójJurata.pl Apartments you can be sure that the booked apartment will be consistent with the description, and the photos presenting the property will fully reflect the facts.

All ours apartments in Jurata and in Jastarnia are thoroughly verified by us. Before introducing the premises to our offer, we check whether the apartment meets the requirements for standard and equipment. These issues are regularly monitored by us, and any gaps are regularly supplemented. We personally check each place and we take photos that reflect reality without unnecessary coloring.

booking Holiday apartment in Jurata through our website or by contacting us directly, you are guaranteed that the flat you are interested in for rent actually exists and is as you see it on offer. Each reservation is confirmed by us in writing (e-mail), thanks to which you have a legal guarantee of establishing a binding lease relationship, and the apartment you rent by the sea will be waiting for you on the reserved date.


Second: cleanliness

All our apartments in Jurata are thoroughly cleaned before each stay, and even during the stay, at every request of Guests (at extra charge). Cleaning includes not only vacuuming and washing the floors, but also thorough cleaning of the equipment, disinfecting the toilet, washing windows and checking the technical and aesthetic condition.

Each premises is equipped with a set of bed linen and towels, washed and ironed in a specialist laundry. Sheets and towels are changed regularly, also during the stay and at every request of the guests. We regularly stock up on basic cleaning agents and toilet paper.

When renting the TwójJurata.pl apartment, you don't have to take anything except personal belongings.


Third: service

Each of our apartments for rent in Jurata and Jastarnia has its guardian, who constantly supervises the condition of the premises and provides on-site guest service.

The guardian is available at each customer's request, he is the one who gives the guests the keys, supervises the cleaning, accepts all requests and provides assistance if necessary.

Fourth: comfort

By renting an apartment at TwójJurata.pl you get it at the exclusive disposal of yourself and your loved ones.

Each apartment is equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette, accessible only to tenants of the apartment. The buildings in which our apartments are located are usually intimate tenements or small apartment buildings, which guarantees a peaceful rest.

Fifth: a family

Contrary to appearances, children are the most demanding guests, which is why we also consider their needs.

Family apartments in Jurata, which are in our offer, are adapted to stay with children of all ages and are equipped with cots and baby baths. On some premises there are also playgrounds. Most buildings have special storage rooms for prams and bicycles.


Do you still have any doubts about your choice?


In our opinion, a better option for holidays on the Hel Peninsula is to rent a proven apartment. As a short-term rental operator, we guarantee that you get the entire premises just for yourself and hotel standard service. No hidden costs, and most importantly - no commission!

We invite you to our holiday apartments!

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