Is it worth investing in holiday apartments in Jurata?

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in interest in investments in real estate for rent.

One of the reasons for this is undoubtedly interest rates, which remain at a record low, which means that investing capital in term deposits has become less profitable, compared to the possibility of obtaining passive income from the rental of real estate, especially attractive ones, in good standard and in attractive locations that we offer as part of the TwójJurata.pl brand

Investors' attention is drawn to investments in apartments for rent by the sea, especially in fashionable holiday resorts such as Jurata.


Rest and earn.

Owning a holiday apartment gives you the opportunity not only to rent it and earn relatively high income, especially in the months most crowded with tourists, but also to use your own second home for your own needs, at any time.

By entrusting us with the operation of your apartment, you can use it at any time by making owner reservations.

Why invest in Jurata?

Investing in real estate requires investing a relatively large amount of capital, due to the real estate prices, but if we exchange our cash for an apartment for rent in Jurata, we can count on a rate of return that is much higher than that offered by banks.

Depending on the amount invested, the attractiveness of the property and the investment policy, you can earn from 5% up to 12% per year. The popularity of Jurata and the decreasing number of plots for development obviously affect the prices of real estate in Jurata. These remain at a very high level and are the highest not only on the Polish real estate market, but also compared to foreign markets.

The average transaction price of real estate in Jurata in the second quarter of 2019 exceeded PLN 21,000. per square meter, which makes Jurata the first place among all towns in the country.

Jurata is also in the lead when compared to prices on the European market. For comparison, the average prices of flats in what is considered the most expensive - Luxembourg amounted to PLN 33,000. per square meter, while the most expensive apartments with a view of the Puck Bay in Jurata are sold for well over PLN 40,000. per square meter, so 30% more expensive than in the most expensive place in Europe!

Can an investment purchase in Jurata pay off?

To answer this question, you have to go back in time, because the prices of apartments in Jurata are growing the fastest and do not follow the global trends that shape real estate prices. Only in 2019 the average increase in offer prices exceeded 55%. Compared to 2013, when the prices in Jurata broke those from Sopot and amounted to an average of PLN 15,500 / m2, this means approx. 40% real increase within 6 years.

As if that were not enough, real estate prices in Jurata have not dropped once since the resort was founded in the 1930s (excluding war), and during global crises they only slow down for a moment, then rise again. This is accompanied by unflagging demand, also among foreign investors, and the ever smaller number of apartments available.

Also in terms of rental prices, Jurata is unique on a European scale.

The rental prices of holiday apartments in the high season of 2019 were from PLN 390. per night, in premises of a lower standard up to approx. 2500 PLN. per night in the most luxurious apartments. Such prices result from the great interest in staying in this beautiful resort, and accommodation is often booked a year in advance.

If you are planning an investment in an apartment on the Baltic Sea, contact with us. We will guide you through the entire transaction process, advise and take care of your apartment.

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