"Hallerówka" Museum of the Puck Region

"Hallerówka" Władysławowo. Holiday trip near Jurata.

Beach holiday, it's not only blissful lying on the beach but also the opportunity to meet interesting places filled with the colorful history of famous people. Coming to Jurata or during your stay in our apartments, it is worth visiting one of such places ...

"Hallerówka" is a wooden villa built in 1924 in Władysławowo, which once belonged to General Józef Haller and his family.

This historic building is a branch of the Museum of the Puck Region named after Floriana Ceynowy  

Some history…

The plot for the construction of the villa was handed over to Lt. Col. Henryk Bagiński, who had previously purchased land from a resident of Wielka Wieś Leon Torlinski. General Józef Haller spent his holidays on the property, and the summer resort that arose around the shrine was named after him and named "Haller".

The period of changes after World War II also affected the tan object. He was on the board of the City of Władysławowo and served as a municipal office.

In 1981, the property was transferred to the Seaside Landscape Park for the seat of the Management Board and museum activity. It was then that General Haller's first chamber of memory was created.

The new millennium brought further changes. In 2000, the Memorial Center of General J. Haller and the Blue Army was created here.

From June 2013, the building became a branch of the Museum of the Puck Region named after Floriana Ceynowy in Puck.


Currently, Hallerówka has a permanent exhibition titled "Gene. Józef Haller in Pomerania - For You Poland and for Your Glory. " You can see souvenirs about the Commander and his army, including personal belongings, donated to the museum by the general's daughter-in-law - Izabella Haller.

Other exhibitions in Hallerówka

During the trip to the museum you can also see other interesting exhibitions:

Augustyn Necel (1902 - 1976). Fisherman, writer and storyteller in Kashubia "

An exhibition dedicated to Augustyn Necel - Kashubian creator and author of nautical novels. The exhibition gathers many souvenirs related to the writer. Worth paying attention during the holiday trip to the museum, is reconstructed using original equipment, Necla's office.

"Leon Golla - a sculpted fishing world".

The exhibition is devoted to the work of a sculptor from Wielka Wieś (currently Władysławowo), who recorded the history of Kashubian fishermen in wood. Figures and genre scenes created in raw linden wood resemble the characters of people working at sea.

(Source / photo: muzeumpuck.pl)

Museum website: www.muzeumpuck.pl