Autumn by the sea. Jurata ideal for autumn rest and mushroom picking.

When choosing a place for autumn rest in Poland, we often forget about the values of the Baltic towns.

Summer resorts, often overcrowded and bustling during the holiday season, are an oasis of peace in the fall months. One of the places everyone should visit in autumn is Jurata, located in the heart of the Hel Peninsula.

By renting an independent holiday apartment in Jurata outside the holiday season, you can enjoy the peace and quiet unprecedented here in the summer months.

At the end of August, most tourists leave the Hel Peninsula, returning to their daily duties. In September, the children go back to school and their parents go to work. Now is the time for students, the elderly and all those who did not have time or did not know how to spend their holidays during the summer months.


A feature of the maritime climate is that autumn is warmer than spring, and the weather is much more stable and predictable.


This means that when visiting Jurata in September, we can still sunbathe and swim in the sea, taking advantage of the charming empty beaches and the growing concentration of iodine in the air. Autumn on the Baltic Sea is an attraction in itself. Everyone will find something to do, even if the weather is not typical "beach" ...

Active recreation

September in Jurata is a great time for lovers of water sports. The difference in water and air temperature is not so noticeable, so even longer stay in water, especially in wetsuit, will not be associated with discomfort. The growing wind will be a great support for people who practice windsurfing and kitesurfing.

The discoloring leaves create a wonderful scenery for long walks, jogging and sports such as Nordic walking at the seaside in autumn.

The bicycle path connecting Puck with Hel is a great route for cycling enthusiasts, especially cross-country.

YourJurata.pl offer includes apartments with the possibility of storing bicycles and surfboards. It is worth using these facilities and book your holiday in Jurata at any time.

A paradise for mushroom pickers.

Hel pine forests and mixed forests are a great place for mushroom picking. The moderate and humid climate makes it easy to find places rich in the tastiest species of mushrooms, such as red pine mushrooms, geese, bay boletes, butterflies, porcini mushrooms and many more.

Using the amenities available in our apartments, the gifts of the forest collected during walks can be processed into preserves on an ongoing basis and return home with a supply of dried mushrooms or jars filled with wonderful flavors of autumn. No hotel offers this!

And when it rains ...

We do not always come across beautiful, sunny weather, but even with rainy aura, you can have some fun on the Hel Peninsula. Departing just a few kilometers from Jurata, you can enrich your vacation with various attractions, without queues and at lower prices than during the holidays.

Examples include traveling to Hel and visiting the Sealarium, the Coastal Defense Museum, the Fisheries Museum or a trip to Jastarnia and a visit to the Fisherman's Cottage. Having a car, we can treat ourselves to a slightly longer trip, e.g. to the aquapark in Reda.

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