Kashubian Eye

Kashubian Eye. Viewing tower in Gniewino.

In the village of Gniewino, located near Lake Żarnowieckie, an hour's drive from Jurata, there is a vast tourist and recreational complex called Kaszubskie Oko, whose characteristic point is the 150 m above sea level observation tower. John Paul II. From the observation deck of the tower there is a breathtaking view of northern Kashubia.

When spending your vacation by the sea, it is worth taking a day trip to Gniewino, 60 km away from Jurata. We will find here numerous attractions for adults and children, encouraging active rest.

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An eye for Kashubia

Morskie Oko complex was designed on the plan of the human eye. The central element of the complex is the pupil in the form of an observation tower, erected in 2006. The tower is placed on a mound, with a total height of 44 m and rises as much as 150 m above sea level. At the top of the tower, there is a 36-meter high observation deck to which 212 steps lead. You can also get to the top by a lift.

The tower itself resembles an hourglass. Downstairs you will find a tourist information desk, various exhibitions and a gift shop.

From the observation deck you can see the beautiful panorama of Kashubia, including Lake Żarnowieckie and Kolkowo - the upper reservoir of the Żarnowiec pumped-storage power plant.



Attractions of the Kashubian Eye

The lookout tower is not the only attraction of this vast complex. It is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped and green area with numerous small architecture objects, incl. clay chess with huge figures, dinosaur mockups and Stolemów that is, the legendary giants.

We also find an 18-hole course mini golf course, two playgroundsone of which is arranged in the shape of a pirate ship and a small one rope park.

When we feel hungry during the tour, we can go to the restaurant located here.



Dates of opening and access

The complex is open from April to October inclusive, but outside the holiday season it can be visited only on selected days of the week: in April and October, admission is possible only during weekends; in May and June additionally on Mondays and Fridays;  in July, August and September - 7 days a week. 

The easiest way to reach the Kashubian eye is by car from Gniewino or Czymanów.