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Kitesurfing in Jurata. In the pursuit of the wind, i.e. when it's best to grow Kite.

What is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing - colloquially "Kite" is a type of surfing which consists in sliding on the surface of the water on a board with a sail driven by the wind. In traditional surfing, the sail is attached to the board, while here the sail is in the form of a kite attached to the body with a special harness - the so-called trapezoid. Control of the kite, and thus the direction of the slide, is done with the help of lines pinned to the bar, which is such a simple "steering wheel".

Kitesurfing is a universal sport for everyone.
Colloquially, "Kite" has been gaining popularity for years. No wonder, because this sport allows you to effectively shape your figure and effectively improve your condition. It is accompanied by a lot of impressions and adrenaline, thanks to which kitesurfing can be considered a general development sport. It strengthens not only physical fitness but significantly improves mood, has a positive effect on oxygenation of the whole body, improves blood circulation and allows you to develop muscle mass.

Where to Kite?

The most popular destination in Poland is the Bay of Puck region. The water here is warmer than in the open sea, and at the same time much shallower, so even beginner kitesurfers can feel safe.

When going on holiday by the sea, with a board and a kite, choose the right type of accommodation. Undoubtedly, a good solution will be to rent a campsite if you are traveling with a tent or camper. For those who are going on vacation with family or children, or who value comfortable conditions, a better option would be booking a holiday apartment.

When choosing the right accommodation, pay attention to whether the apartment you have booked by the sea in Jurata has adequate facilities for storing equipment that takes up a lot of space. All apartments in Jurata and Jastarnia offered at have basements, lockers, shelters or other places where you can safely store boards and sails, even if they are not completely dry.

When is the best time to go?

In the high season, many tourists stay at the seaside. Some of them engage in various water sports, which makes the water simply cramped. Kitesurfing requires a large area, free from other people and equipment, so it is best to go to the sea in spring - from May, when the temperature becomes more and more stable and the wind is blowing so strong that there will be plenty of it. A good time is also a trip off-season, in early autumn, when most tourists leave the holiday resorts and the weather is still good.

How to learn to swim?

Okay kitesurf school is the basis for people starting their adventure with this sport. In Jurata and Jastarnia, our guests can get a discount on Kite's education in Surf Bonjo. The school has been around for a decade, it has two well-located points next to the Jurata pier and the Jastarnia pier. Experienced kite surfers teach, and all learning is stress-free and in a professional setting. How to get a discount? All you need to do is book one of our apartments in Jurata, and together with the booking confirmation we will send you a voucher entitling you to discounts on kitesurfing at Surf Bonjo!