PCF Jastarnia concert for Dominik (canceled)

"PCF - Jastarnia Dla Dominika" charity concert

Update: The concert is canceled on June 20, 2020 due to restrictions related to covid-19

Poland Charity Festival

Poland Charity Festival (PCF) is a complete novelty on the Polish cultural scene. This is the first cyclical charity event, which from 2020 will be organized in annual editions aimed at helping people in need and promoting Polish culture and art in the country and abroad.

As part of the festival, various events will be organized, combining the performances of recognized artists with charity auctions, competitions and attractions for children. The festival is not limited to one music genre. As Paweł Gocławski - the originator and executive producer of the festival, assures:

"We are not limited to one type of events or one music trend. As part of the festival, various events and concerts will be organized, ranging from typical entertainment music - in disco rhythms, through rock, to classical music. Depending on the circumstances, purpose and place, and season will be outdoor and intimate events, ticketed and open. The latter will be combined with auctions and donations, and the income obtained during individual events will be entirely used for charity. We are not focused on profit, but on real help. "

Event manager at the festival, Katarzyna "Katka" Rakowska, emphasizes:

"We invite only artists who care about helping to perform. Artists with open hearts, not wallets, who are ready to devote their time and play with us for charity. "

"Jastarnia for Dominik" Charity Concert

One of the first outdoor concerts organized as part of the Poland Charity Festival will be the all-day concert "PCF - Jastarnia for Dominik". The event will take place on August 5, 2020 in the fishing port in Jastarnia, and the income from this event will be entirely dedicated to helping a teenager (Dominik Słowiński), who suffers from the very rare Crohn's disease from an early age.

The boy was also diagnosed with intestinal cancer, and to make matters worse, these diseases are accompanied by other conditions, such as asthma, recurrent shingles, atopic dermatitis and many others. The boy requires constant care and the administration of specialized nutrients - very expensive Modulen.

This is the sixth such case in the world!

You can read more about Dominik and his story here.

Concert organizers and artists

Numerous artists of the Polish disco scene and dance music will play at the concert organized by the Cooperation of the Municipal Center for Culture, Sport and Recreation in Jastarnia and the holiday rental operator TwójJurata.pl. During the game, there will also be an auction of interesting items, games and activities for children and teenagers. The list of artists is not known yet, but as the organizers assure:

"Participation in the concert has already been confirmed by several known and respected performers and announcers. We are constantly talking to star managers who are in demand during the holiday season, and we are dependent on their commercial performance calendars. As of today, we cannot present the complete line-up yet, but we hope to close the list of contractors in the next few weeks. We guarantee that the interest in the event is high and we know today that it will be one of the coolest outdoor events on the Hel Peninsula in the 2020 season and it will be an un-ticket event. "

Sponsors are welcome

The invited artists will perform without payment. MOKSiR in Jastarnia provides a stage and technical infrastructure. However, this does not mean that the organization of the event does not require expenses, the organizers appeal:

"We invite all people with a great heart to help us organize the event and sponsors who want to show their best side; especially companies from the Hel Peninsula area, especially in Jastarnia and Jurata, are welcome to contact us. We are open to all cooperation offers, we guarantee the power of satisfaction and the most important thing in sponsorship - effective advertising. "

It will be launched soon Website for Poland Charity Festival, which the company creates for free Seo-Partner from Wejherowo. Until then, the organizers can be contacted at Facebook : @PolandCharityFestival