Lighthouse on the Swedish Mountain

The Lighthouse and the Swedes' Mountain in Hel

The lighthouse on the Mount of Swedes in Hel is an object that is a little-known attraction of the Hel Peninsula. Not far from Jurata, it is a real paradise for photography enthusiasts and history lovers.


photo by Maksymilian Selin

The Swedish Mountain

Góra Szwedów, commonly known as the "Swede", is located within the administrative boundaries of the city of Hel. It is a hill in the eastern part of the Hel Peninsula, in the dunes facing the Baltic Sea. The height of the rise is 19 m above sea level

Name "Mountain of Swedes" comes from the Swedes, who arrived here in 1628 after two Swedish ships ran aground during a storm.


In 1936, a 17-meter-high lighthouse was erected on the summit of the Szwedów Mountain, which replaced the existing lighthouse in Jastarnia-Bor. The openwork structure of the lighthouse on the Mount of the Swedes was erected on a 2-meter concrete slab. At its top there is a circular gallery, once crowned with a domed roof. The lighthouse was fully automatic and powered by electricity.

Unfortunately, the device was very unreliable, especially in winter. The lighthouse was turned off only in 1990. Then the militarized zone was liquidated here, which opened public access to it. Due to the lack of supervision, the lighthouse was quickly devastated.

photo by Maksymilian Selin



How to get

To get to Góra Szwedów, follow the provincial road No. 216 (the main road on the Hel Peninsula), then in Hel at the Polo Market turn left into ul. Przybyszewski and follow it to the end.

You can also reach the lighthouse on foot, walk through the dunes, along the path that runs right next to the Hel Museum.