The Hel Railway Museum

The Hel Railway Museum in Hel

Beach holiday can be enriched with numerous trips and visits to places inextricably linked with Polish history. A real treasure of railway history is located a few minutes' drive from Jurata. It is an attraction not only for railway enthusiasts. 

The Hel Railway Museum is an independent branch of the Coastal Defense Museum of the "Friends of Hel" association.

The museum was opened in May 2013, in the premises of one of the large reinforced concrete bunkers, which are the ammunition warehouses of the former German battery of 406 mm guns "Schleswig Holstein".



The museum has exhibitions commemorating the history and development of Hel railways, including the broad-gauge line built during 9 months in 1921, as well as the extensive network of narrow-gauge military railways built throughout the interwar period, and then expanded during the German occupation. Around the bunker where the museum is located, there is an open-air exhibition showing the elements of the rolling stock saved from scrapping - both narrow-gauge and broad-gauge.





One of the biggest attractions is one of the few preserved in the country, a real LS-40 shunting locomotive.



The main goals of the Hel Railway Museum is to show the forgotten and underestimated part of the history of coastal defense, which was the involvement of railroaders in supporting the logistics of defense activities and bringing the history of railways on the Hel Peninsula to visitors. - we read on the official website of the museum.

When the museum is open and how to get there

The museum is open every day from the end of March to the second half of October (detailed dates are set every year and are published on the website

The museum can be reached by a narrow-gauge railway running on the second narrow-gauge railway line of the Coastal Defense Museum.

We wrote about the history and route of the cable car in the article "Hel-Frankiv. Military narrow-gauge railway in Hel. The history and route of the cable car. "




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