Nord Mól

Nord Mól. A year-round restaurant in Celbowo.

Traditional Kashubian cuisine, idyllic surroundings and waitresses in regional costumes. All this can be found on the way to the Hel Peninsula. The "Nordowi Mól" restaurant in Celbowo is also an attraction in itself.

The restaurant is open all year round. It is located on the provincial road No. 216, in the town of Celbowo within the Puck commune.


Traditional decor

The impressive restaurant building, with a characteristic Prussian wall, in front of which there is a huge parking lot, is one of the most characteristic places on the road leading to Władysławowo.

In front of the restaurant there is an elegant, rustic-style garden with a pond and a miniature water mill. There is a mini zoo right next to it, where you can admire, among others. deer and rabbits.


The architecture of the building, Art Nouveau interior and surroundings allude to the history of Kashubia. We find here numerous ornaments, paintings, sculptures and devices that make us visit a museum where you can eat well.


Kashubian cuisine

Nordowi Mól can boast of a very extensive menu, in which everyone will find something for themselves. The cuisine specializes in traditional Kashubian and game dishes.

The restaurant also serves delicious, fresh fish and hearty soups, including delicious Kashubian blood soup with giblets. A great choice for a quick snack will be dumplings made on site, including our favorite goose dumplings.

While waiting for the service, guests can satisfy their first hunger with a waffle in the form of homemade lard with fresh bread and, of course, pickled cucumbers.

Regional delicacies

The restaurant also runs a shop, selling regional products such as dumplings, smoked goose and smoked fish.

Attractions for children

Also, the youngest guests of the restaurant will not be bored here. The menu includes dishes perfect for feeding little bellies, and there is a playroom inside, where children can discharge their excess energy while waiting for a meal.


The restaurant is open daily from 11.00 to 21.00

On weekends, table reservations are required: tel. 58 673-20-02

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