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The first professional real estate agency on the Hel Peninsula. Flats, houses and apartments for sale - Jurata, Jastarnia and surroundings. is a professional manager of holiday properties in Jurata and Jastarnia. From 2022, the brand has been expanding its activities with professional real estate brokerage on the Hel Peninsula, and thus becomes the only regional real estate office servicing apartment purchase and sale transactions in such towns as Jurata, Jastarnia, Kuźnica, Hel and Władysławowo.

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What is

The Twó brand is part of a Polish family investment company with many years of experience in the real estate service market. The brand was established in 2013, initially offering its own customers holiday apartments for rent in Jurata.

However, due to the market needs, the brand quickly opened up to cooperation with property owners within the city of Jurata, offering professional property management based on the highest standards and quality of service.

In 2019, the Twó brand launched the only booking service in the region that allows you to make reservations in real time, without the need to confirm availability in any way. At the same time, the brand's offer expanded to include servicing of apartments throughout the Jastarnia commune.

Within a few years, Twó has become a leader in the field of apartment management, at a level so far unprecedented in the region, and set by statutory regulations and with a guarantee of service required from professional property managers. website itself has become one of the most recognizable regional booking websites and one of the most popular sources of information about the region, with traffic reaching up to 10,000. users per day *, which places the website in the first place on regional websites within the Hel Peninsula and its vicinity.


Customers need more.

The Hel Peninsula is a typically tourist region, which means that any service infrastructure here is very limited. While the availability of services for tourists is typical for this type of place, which means access to seasonal attractions and entertainment, the scope of services for residents and owners is limited to meeting basic needs. Taking care of many matters forces residents and owners to travel to larger poviat or provincial cities, which is certainly troublesome.

There is a shortage of companies and specialists who can offer professional support to investors. The exception is the company Blue Apart from Jastarnia, offering apartments for rent, and for several years also investing in its own real estate, but the company bases its activities on completely different criteria and does not fill the market gap at the level expected by a modern investor.

Until now, there were also no professional real estate brokers on the spot. The nearest real estate offices are located several dozen kilometers away.


Brokerage offer for demanding clients.

From 2022, the Twó brand has been expanding its offer with professional real estate brokerage. The offer is addressed to everyone who needs support in the purchase or sale of real estate throughout the Hel Peninsula.

The cooperation should be of particular interest to people who would like to buy a suitable holiday apartment in Jurata, Jastarnia or its vicinity, but do not have sufficient knowledge about the complexity of the real estate market and the dangers of such a transaction.

It is worth noting that the offer for buyers includes a full property audit, consisting in checking the legal status of the property, technical condition as well as preparation and analysis of all documentation related to the property and the planned transaction.

Brokerage support may also be necessary for those looking for real estate to buy, as the market in the region is very limited in terms of the availability of real estate for sale. Holiday apartments by the sea are very popular among investors as they constitute an excellent capital investment and generate above-average passive income. For these reasons, offers for the sale of apartments and houses on the Baltic Sea disappear in a few moments, or are not published at all, and are only exchanged between intermediaries.

This is why the involvement of a professional broker who is the owner of the Twó brand may become the only opportunity to buy your dream apartment in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe.

The offer is also addressed to owners who want to sell their property, but live at a considerable distance from the Hel Peninsula or do not have time to engage in the laborious process of proper preparation of the offer and its promotion.

One of the greatest strengths of our brand is the fact that we operate locally. Our employees are available to clients at almost any time. We know the local market and we can fully commit ourselves to fulfilling the obligations related to brokerage services. We also get to know the properties that are included in our offer very thoroughly, and we approach each order individually.

Licensed real estate office.

The principles of the activity of real estate agents are defined in the Act on real estate management. Since the deregulation of the broker profession, a license to provide services of this type is no longer required, but the brand owner assumes that it is impossible to provide professional services on the real estate market without proper preparation.

Contrary to many modern real estate agencies, the new offer of the Twó brand is based not only on the company's education, knowledge and many years of experience, but also professional qualifications confirmed by the license of the Polish Federation of Real Estate Market. 

Numerous provisions, in particular the Act on counteracting money laundering and terrorist financing, impose a number of requirements on real estate brokers. It is for this reason that we use the internal AML procedure (Anti Money Loundring), specifying in detail the procedure to be followed, aimed at a thorough examination of the parties to the transaction, in order to ensure optimal security. As part of the procedure, we verify not only the beneficial owners of our clients, but also the origin of the funds for the investment.

We also have obligatory third party liability insurance of real estate brokers, thanks to which our clients have a security guarantee in connection with the concluded agency contracts.

We look forward to working with you!


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*) based on a Google Analytics report, in the period 06-08/2021