Reda Aquapark

Sharks at the Baltic Sea - Shark Slide and other attractions at AquaPark Reda.

The Aquapark in Reda is the only recreational complex of this type in Europe, where you can watch live sharks swimming right above the heads of having fun and the first in Poland, with accommodation on the premises. This swimming pool connected to the aquarium is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Pomerania.

The Aquapark in Reda was opened on July 29, 2016. They are here recreational pools with numerous attractions, indoor sports pool 25 m long, fitness club, sauna, parrot shop, shops, restaurants and accommodation base, which consists of about 50 beds.

The complex is open all year round!




Red's Shark Slide

The biggest attraction of the water park is undoubtedly the possibility of having fun among live sharks. "Shark Slide", because that's the name of the 60-meter water slide, is an illuminated glass tunnel leading through a heavenly aquarium in which real sharks, brought here from Sri Lanka, swim. The ride ends in a golden pool imitating the castle's treasury.



Aqua Spinner - new for 2020

The "Aqua Spinner" is the first in Europe and the second in the world rotating water slide , which was opened in January 2020. The height of the slide is approx. 30 m, and the width is 2.6 m. On the slide I cover a distance of 160 m at a speed of up to 40 km / h, in four-person pontoons.

Other water slides

In the Aquapark in Ruda we will find 3 other slides of different nature and levels of difficulty, so everyone can choose the attraction that suits them:

  • system of external water slides (pontoon, light and extreme with 3g overload)
  • an undulating family slide in the middle of the swimming pool hall
  • a pontoon lazy river with a length of 315 m


Other attractions

During a break between exploring countless water attractions, individual pools, whirlpools, fountains and slides, we can go for dry relaxation combined with other interesting attractions.

In the complex there is oceanarium, that is, a marine aquarium with a living coral reef; winter Garden with nature educational paths; Parrot house full of colorful and exotic birds; Gadoland with the world's largest snakes, colorful lizards and exotic spiders, where you can participate in a crocodile feeding show; virtual reality zone and 7D Cinema with special effects such as wind, touch, water, smoke and moving seats.

We recommend movement to those who are thirsty fitness center, with squash courts, and will provide even more relaxation sauna complex together with the center Spa & Welness.

Staying in this amazing family entertainment center is sure to stimulate your appetite (if you have time to think about hunger at all). To gain strength for further fun and sightseeing, it will be advisable to eat in one of the several restaurants located here. After the fun, we can also go shopping in the shopping center.

Aquapark Reda how to get there?

There are two ways to get to the aquapark in Reda from Jurata.

The most obvious will be your own car journey. The distance from Jurata to the water complex is approx. 49 km, and the journey will take approx. 1 hour. There are as many as 4 car parks available: two in front of the complex (P1 and P2), behind the building (P3) and the garage hall (P4). The P1, P2 and P3 car parks are free of charge, the P4 underground car park is paid, the first hour can be parked for free, and we will pay PLN 2 for every 30 minutes.



The water park is just as conveniently reachable by Regio train running from Hel station, via Jurata and other towns. The train stops at the Reda station, from where the walk to the complex will take 10 minutes on foot. Follow the Lidl store.



Have fun!

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