The Sejm accepted the 500 plus tourist voucher. How to take advantage of additional funds for the holidays?

On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, the Sejm adopted the act on the Polish Tourist Voucher.

The law returned from the upper house of parliament, which introduced 65 amendments to the version proposed by the president. The Sejm supported more than half of these amendments (37), passing a bill according to which only children could use the voucher but without family income limits. This means that all children under 18 will be entitled to the additional benefit for a holiday in Poland.

In addition, disabled children will receive twice the basic benefit, i.e. PLN 1,000.

One of the most important amendments was the extension of the persons entitled to receive the benefit to the children of parents who work abroad. Thus, the voucher will go additional to 150-200 thousand. children.

Voucher not for retirees

Pensioners will not use the voucher. Such a change was proposed by the opposition, but in the end the Sejm did not agree with this amendment, explaining that this group received the 13th pension and will probably receive another 14th pension this year.

Non-cash form of benefits and holidays in Poland

The voucher will be in electronic form. In order to receive additional money for the holiday, you will need to register on the ZUS Electronic Services Platform (PUE ZUS), as is the case with 500 plus. After verification of the data, the voucher will be activated and sent in electronic form (e-mail / SMS) to the beneficiary.

To use the voucher, you will need to present it when booking or accommodating. You will be able to use the voucher many times, until the limit of the funds allocated is exhausted, but only in Poland and until March 31, 2022.

What will we pay with a 500 plus voucher?

The voucher can be used to a very limited extent: to pay for stays in hotels and boarding houses, as well as summer camps and tourist events organized by tourist entrepreneurs or by an OPP organization.

The list of accepting entities will be published on the websites of the Polish Tourist Organization.

The Ministry of Development informs that about 6.5 million children aged up to 18 will benefit from the voucher, and the value of aid is to reach PLN 3.5 billion.

From when will the travel voucher come into force?

The bill is waiting for the president's signature. It can be assumed that this is a formality, and Andrzej Duda will not delay its completion by fulfilling his election promise. The authorities ensure that the voucher will be available in August 2020.

Source: PAP