September at the seaside, or holidays in Jurata out of season. Is it worth it?

September holidays in Jurata

The question in the title can be answered with one word - YES. And in principle, this could be the end of the entry, but we will try to present a few reasons why it is worth answering a full sentence: It is definitely worth choosing Jurata for the off-season holiday on the Baltic Sea! Here's why:

Empty beaches

The empty beaches of Jurata, the baskets have fallen asleep already ...

... Irena Santor sang in the song titled "Already no wild beaches". It is impossible to disagree with these words.

September is clearly associated with the end of summer holidays and the beginning of the school year. This is the main reason why coastal beaches are empty. While in July and August we can practice our national sport, which is windbreaking, in September it will not be necessary to parcel the beach to separate from other campers.

September is the perfect time to truly relax on the beach, surrounded by the sound of the waves and without the crowds of tourists. A screen can of course be useful, but more for protection from the wind than other people.

Stable weather

It is true that the weather on the Baltic Sea is never certain. On the other hand, September is considered the most stable month in terms of weather on the coast. It is true that we rarely experience heat this month, but the rule is that the autumns at the seaside are warmer than the spring, which makes the second half of the year in this place very attractive and worth planning at least a short trip.

September is a transitional month - it's still summer, but autumn peeks out at us from around the corner. Mornings and evenings will be slightly cooler than in August, but during the day we can expect rather moderate temperatures. There is also much less rainfall than in July.

Therefore, it is possible that in September you will find a beautiful sun that will make your stay more pleasant.

Iodine, iodine and more iodine

Everyone knows the beneficial influence of this valuable element on the human body. Iodine supports the treatment of many ailments, contributes to reducing stress, supports the respiratory and immune systems.

At the turn of summer and autumn, the sea is more rough and the waves are higher and stronger. The iodine concentration in the air begins to rise.

This is the perfect moment for longer therapeutic stays and therapeutic walks on the beach.

Easy access and no queues

While in the holiday season, access to the Hel Peninsula by car can be troublesome due to the formation of traffic jams, in September the route to Jurata can be covered quickly, calmly and without unpleasant surprises.

It is also easier to "get out" of the Hel spit, so if you want to diversify your trip, it is worth planning a one-day sightseeing trip, as well as visiting a museum or aquapark without having to queue at the ticket office.

In September, there are still trains to Hel, so non-motorized people can also reach their destination without any problems.

Cheap accommodation in Jurata

September is already a low season, which means that the prices too rental of apartments in Jurata are much lower than in July or August. You can also feel the difference in the prices of other tourist services and attractions, including entrance tickets to museums and even restaurants!

This is the best time for vacation for students and the elderly, but also for a late departure for large families with preschool children.

Active recreation at the seaside

Water sports enthusiasts can feel paradise at the seaside in September. This is especially true for people who practice sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Less people by the sea means more space in the water. This is the perfect time for windsurfing or jet skiing, or for leisurely and unfettered learning.

The mentioned water sports, long walks on the beach, jogging, Nordic walking are just a few ideas for active recreation.


As you can see, there are at least several reasons to visit Jurata after the season. In September, everyone will find something for themselves here, and vacation in Jurata in September they will certainly be successful. We invite you to Jurata!