Winter at the seaside. Why is it worth spending the winter holidays in Jurata?

Mountains are the predominant winter destination for Poles. In a moment we will prove that most of us are quite wrong to choose the southern regions of the country for a winter holiday, forgetting about the advantages of a winter stay on the Baltic Sea.


Jurata is one of the places, often underrated, that offers unforgettable experiences also outside the summer season. Here are some reasons why you should rent Holiday apartment in Jurata for winter holidays and more ...

The pier in Jurata in winter. photo by Maksymilian Selin

First of all: iodine

Jurata is famous for the highest concentration of iodine in the air on the Baltic Sea. This concentration is the highest in the autumn and winter, i.e. during windy and stormy weather, which releases iodine contained in water and allows the absorption of this valuable element directly from the atmosphere.

Just a few days spent in the winter on the Baltic Sea will make us feel rested and relaxed, more focused and full of vitality.

TwójJurata.pl is a year-round heated holiday apartments, warm and cozy also in winter.

Secondly: the scenery

Winter is a great artist who paints amazing seascapes. Empty and natural beaches covered with snow, ice-covered sea, wonderfully frosted trees and shrubs can awaken the imagination by showing the wild and unbridled nature of the Polish coast. Jurata in winter is a real paradise for photography lovers.

Third: calm

At the end of the holiday season, the beaches in Jurata become deserted. A walk on the beach in winter will allow you to listen to the natural sound of the sea and relax in the silence undisturbed by the bustle of beach-goers and amused children.

When you come to Jurata in winter, you can see what relaxation really is.

In Jurata and Jastarnia, you can eat well in all-year restaurants in winter, there are also open grocery stores and convenience stores.

We recommend arriving with your own car, because in winter you will not experience traffic jams here.

Fourth: sport

Not only the mountains are a good place for winter sports. Also on the sea you can successfully practice cross-country skiing amid the sound of waves, the singing of seagulls and a huge dose of clean air.

Also, fishing enthusiasts will not be able to complain about the lack of entertainment in winter. Winter is a great time for fishing for cod and Baltic salmon, as well as exciting cruises on the bay.

Fifth: prices

Prices on the Baltic Sea are the highest in the peak season, i.e. in July and August. The holiday season is relatively short here, which is why hoteliers and sellers have little time to earn a living during the rest of the year.

Such an economic situation means that outside the summer season you can rent an apartment by the sea at a much lower price, and thus stay for longer.

We invite you to Jurata all year round!


photo by Maksymilan Selin
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