Family picnic at the seaside

Where to go on vacation in May 2021? Family picnic at the seaside.

In the era of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many Poles face the dilemma of where to go on vacation in May and is any trip possible at all? It turns out that you do not need to leave our country, and the charming Jurata on the Hel Peninsula is a perfect destination for spending a family holiday. We explain why.

May weekend 2021 is fast approaching and, as every year, the first free spring days should be the traditional "start of the season" at the Polish seaside. However, the year 2021 is unique in this respect. Due to the ongoing epidemic and numerous restrictions introduced in a chaotic manner and including a ban on the operation of accommodation facilities, many Poles decided to spend the first days of May abroad, although it turns out that finding a free and, above all - open place for tourists in Poland, is not at all impossible.

Arguments of the tourism industry

The current measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, by closing accommodation facilities under the pretext of fighting the pandemic, seem to be devoid of rational foundations. The entire tourism industry has been calling for many months to enable hotel facilities to function normally, citing observations and research results which clearly show that hotels and other accommodation facilities do not belong to places where the risk of COVID-19 infection is greater than for example, in large-format convenience stores or churches, the operation of which has not been shut down over the last year.

Hoteliers and owners of holiday apartments unanimously emphasize that due to the sanitary regulations introduced in the spring of 2020, tourist establishments are one of the safest places where the risk of infection with the virus is minimal, and often even absent. The most important argument for people and companies offering accommodation is the fact that accommodation in hotels, guesthouses or holiday apartments does not differ in practice from ordinary living in multi-family buildings, with the difference that hotel facilities follow sanitary rules, which cannot be found in ordinary Collective residence houses, which include, among others: frequent airing of rooms and ozonation, disinfection of common areas, use of professional laundries or providing guests with protection and disinfection means.

Ignorance of the authorities

However, those responsible for introducing the restrictions seem to be deaf to translations in the tourism industry, which, due to reduced traffic, was on the verge of bankruptcy, and many entities were left without any help from the state.

Such behavior leads to the spread of the shadow economy, and a significant part of services (and not only tourist services) simply went underground. Thus, the effect is completely opposite and forces entrepreneurs and their clients to combine, bypass or break regulations, which in extreme cases can be dangerous. Such actions also cause losses for the State Treasury, because hiding the activity is tantamount to hiding revenues.

Capital flows abroad

In this difficult period of the ongoing crisis and rising inflation at the same time, the priority for the authorities should be to maintain the maximum flow of money within the state. This can only be achieved by rationalizing the way we fight the pandemic and opening up all possible branches of the economy while respecting the basic principles of sanitary safety. Meanwhile, we are dealing with a situation in which the introduced restrictions result in the loss of control over many sectors, evoke extreme emotions and force a significant proportion of Poles to go abroad to spend a short vacation.

Such behavior means that a significant part of the capital that could be spent in Poland, for Polish entrepreneurs, simply goes abroad to places that are chosen for spring (and not only) trips, where, despite the presence of the coronavirus, you can legally rent a room or apartment , legally eat in a restaurant and spend time outdoors as usual.

Is Jurata safe?

It turns out, however, that you do not have to leave the borders of our country and you can plan a safe vacation or long May weekend at the Polish seaside. Jurata, located in the middle of the Hel Peninsula, is drenched by sea waters on both sides, where the sea breeze constantly cleans the air and is one of the safest places, free from smog and other pollutants.

An undoubted advantage of the Baltic towns, apart from the summer peak, is the small number of tourists, which means that contacts with other people are very limited.

All of them apartments in Jurata, included in our offer are very thoroughly disinfected, our staff is vaccinated, and in the premises we comply with the introduced in spring sanitary procedures, compliant with the guidelines Ministry of Health.

All this means that the risk of getting infected with any virus, not only Sars-CoV-2, is kept to a minimum or not at all.

In accordance with the current legal status, we can accept and process bookings for May, starting from May 3, 2021. All bookings will be carried out as scheduled. 

What about the weather in May at the seaside?

The weather is always a great unknown and we cannot guarantee temperatures and sunshine like in Zanzibar, Egypt or Greece. However, we guarantee peace, quiet and a huge amount of iodine, which is still a lot at the seaside in May. You can also come to Jurata by your own car or train, and most importantly - We do not require COVID-19 test results, vaccination certificates or any "green passports". 

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