Intermarium promenade

Intermarium in Jurata. A promenade that begins and ends with the mainland.

Międzymorze is the name of a street in Jurata, along which runs a representative promenade connecting the open sea with the Bay of Puck. The length of the promenade is approx. 600 m and is equal to the entire width of the Hel Peninsula at this point. In the north it ends with the descent to the beach, right next to the Bryza hotel, and from the south it leads to wooden pier constituting an extension of the promenade.

Międzymorze in the city of Jurata, it is the only promenade of its kind because it starts and ends with the mainland.

The promenade is crossed by a railway line, the main communication artery leading to Hel (Wojska Polskiego Street) and two smaller streets: Ratibor and Mestwin.

The promenade has changed beyond recognition over the years, but it has always been the main place for meetings and relaxing afternoon walks.

Here you can find numerous restaurants, cafes and pubs, ice cream and waffle kiosks and souvenir stalls.

Artists line up along the promenade to create and sell their works, including paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Currently, on both sides of the Międzymorze region there are luxury apartment buildings, among them historic villas and bungalows, built here in the interwar years. For those who spend their holidays actively, we recommend it for rent intersea apartments, located on the promenade in the very center of Jurata, where there are numerous restaurants, shops and entertainment points.

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