Jurata Pier

The pier in Jurata. Pier before the war and today. What changed?

The pier in Jurata is one of the greatest tourist attractions in the region, a place for afternoon meetings and romantic walks, especially at sunset.

The pier is an extension of the main promenade of Jurata - ul. Isthmusconnecting the Baltic Sea with the Bay of Puck and is located on the southern side of the Hel Peninsula. It is one of two such facilities in Jurata. The second, much smaller promenade by the bay is located next to the "Czajka" holiday resort.

The Jurassic pier as we know it today is one of the longest wooden piers in Poland. Its length is 320 m and it was opened in 1990.

The modern bridge is the successor of the wooden structure erected here in 1973 by the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers' Party. Defective material was used for the construction of the pier in the 1970s. It did not survive the test of time, therefore it was necessary to build a new promenade over the waters of the Bay of Puck. 

Jurata Pier 2020 / fot. Maksymilian Selin


Currently, the pier structure is based on reinforced concrete joists supporting a wooden landing. The wood used for the construction was harvested from Belarus.

Jurata Pier, 2020 / fot. Maksymilian Selin


Pier before the war

From the very beginning of the resort's existence, the Jurassic pier has been teeming with sports and social life.

The pier in Jurata already existed at the turn of the 1920s and 1930s. It was then a wooden pier set up temporarily for the summer season and dismantled in the fall after the summer holidays. Each year, the pier was more and more impressive and before the war it was illuminated by electric lanterns mounted on wooden poles, and the music coming from the loudspeakers installed here introduced the holidaymakers in a special mood, which testified to modernity and emphasized the prestige of Jurata.  

The pier in Jurata, 1928 / fot. own archive


Before the war, motorboats, kayaks and the so-called "Jolki" that is, sports and tourist sailing yachts. It was always possible to rent over the pier, just like today - water bikes and water skiing, various types of aquaplants, and nowadays also scooters, dinghies and surfboards. Also today, in summer, small boats and private yachts are moored here, and various shows and vernissages are organized on the deck of the pier.

A characteristic feature of the pre-war landing was the lifeguard's booth in the center.

The pier in Jurata, 1939 / photo. own archive


In the 1930s, shows and sports competitions were organized here, including motorboat races, water and ski competitions and yacht parades. Just like today, you could buy swimming lessons on various types of equipment.

From the end of the pier, there is a beautiful panorama of Jurata and the Hel Peninsula, and on clear days you can easily see the coast of the Tricity.

Spending vacation in Jurata, a walk on the famous pier is a must!


Jurata Pier 2020 / fot. Maksymilian Selin
The pier in Jurata in 2014.
The Międzymorze promenade and the entrance to the pier in Jurata, 2013.


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photo: own archive / Maksymilian Selin