Jurata is 90 years old. Report from the celebration of the jubilee.

The Great Gatsby in Jurata, i.e. Jurata's 90th birthday. Report from the celebration and photos.

In 2021, Jurata celebrates its 90th anniversary. On this occasion, on Saturday, July 24, at the pier in Jurata, a celebration was held to mark the round anniversary of the resort's existence. Famous and popular artists took their seats in the box, and outstanding artists appeared on the stage. The event was also watched by numerous residents and tourists spending their time in Jurata holiday.

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The Great Gatsby in Jurata

Jurata's jubilee celebrations were kept in the style of the beautiful 1920s, and their course and arrangement referred to the splendor of the past, so wonderfully described by Francis Scott Fitzgerald in the novel "The Great Gatsby" (ang. The Great Gatsby), filmed in 2013 by Baz Luhrmann, in the blockbuster of the same title.

This reference was not accidental, because the beginnings of Jurata date back to the interwar period and although the next "birthday" of the resort is counted from the first tourist season taking place here in 1931, the idea for creating a "Polish Palm Beach"Was born in the 1920s.

Guests invited to the closed sector and stage artists also applied dress code in the style of Big Gasby.

Zbigniew Niemczycki, Katarzyna Frank-Niemczycka (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


90th birthday-jurata-report
(photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


Grażyna Szapołowska (in the center) with her daughter (on the left) and granddaughter (on the right) (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)

Exceptional guests and crowds of viewers

The ceremony gathered crowds of tourists who spent their time vacation in Jurata and without whom the celebration of the resort's 90th birthday would not have had such a strong tone.

Unfortunately, due to the limited space in which the gala was organized, only guests with personal invitations were allowed to enter the event, and the other viewers had to be content with the view from the distance.

This way of organizing the event was negatively received by the residents of Jurata and the tourists present at that time, whose participation in the event was severely limited. Discussions on this topic on the Internet do not stop, and people do not hide their indignation at the fact that they were not allowed to participate in the celebration of this important jubilee.

The audience in Jurata (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


People who have been associated with Jurata for many years and who have love for this place, were invited to the ceremony. She took part in the ceremony Mrs. Danuta Kowalska - one of the oldest residents of Jurata and the daughter of one of the company's shareholders Jurata SA. The mayor of the Jastarnia commune could not be absent from the audience - Tiberius Narkowiczand also the director MOKSiR in Jastarnia - Marta Balicka, who were the organizers of the event.

Tyberiusz Narkowicz - mayor of the commune Jastarnia with his wife (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


A galaxy of stars in the box and on the stage

The owners of Hotel Bryza sat in the first row - Zbigniew Niemczycki with my spouse Katarzyna Frank-Niemczycka, and Michał Niemczycki with my spouse Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka

Anna Czartoryska-Niemczycka (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)
(photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


They also appeared in the audience  Magdalena ZawadzkaBeata Ścibakówna, Agnieszka Dygant and Anna Nowak-Ibisz

Agnieszka Dygant (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)



(photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


Tomasz Stockinger as the host

The party started with a slight delay, and he led the celebration Tomasz Stockinger, which added splendor to the gala with a recital referring to the greatest musical hits from the beginning of Jurata.

Tomasz Stockinger (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


The actor presented an extraordinary arrangement of well-known compositions from the second decade of the last century, and in his original musical collage he sang the greatest hits of those years, which were an integral part of the erstwhile dance parties organized on the Juracki pier in Cafe Casino  or fashionable Palomie. Songs could not be missing among them Eugene Bodo  "Sex appeal" and "I made an appointment with her on the ninth" and the world hit "Summertime” George Gershwin 

Tomasz Stockinger (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


During the recital, they also appeared on stage Anna Iberszer - sound director, actress and dancer and Piotr Woźniak -  Argentine tango dancer and instructor who follows the rhythms of the song performed by Stockinger Mieczysław Fogg "Tango Milonga", presented a dance pattern, giving this part of the event extraordinary sensuality.

Anna Iberszer, Piotr Woźniak (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


Not without coincidence, Anna Iberszer appeared in a beautiful dress from under the needle of the event organizer - Dorota Goldpoint.

Anna Iberszer (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


During the performance, the artists were accompanied by a composer and a jazz pianist - Stefan Gąsieniec

The inner strength in Dorota Goldpoint's fashion show

The central part of the celebration of Jurata's ninetieth birthday was the fashion show of Dorota Goldpoint, known for creating outfits that emphasize female beauty and made of natural materials. This show was unique because it referred to the project "The Inner Power", aimed at supporting mature women, restoring authority and confronting public opinion with the inevitability of passing away.

To participate in the project "The Inner Power" famous women were invited, including the honorary ambassador - Irena Santor, as well as Grażyna Szapołowska, Katarzyna Grochola, Agata Młynarska, Anna Korcz, Alicja Węgorzewska-Whiskerd, Joanna Kurowska, Katarzyna Żak and Jolanta Fraszyńska.

The show stood out from other events of this type, as the Designer outfits were presented by non-professional models, most of whom made their debut on the catwalk.

Fashion show (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


The models were played by mature women, project ambassadors  "The Inner Power" and residents of Jurata, including: Grażyna Szapołowska with daughter - Katarzyna Jungowska and granddaughter - Karolina Matej, Beata Tadla, Jolanta Borowiec, Paulina Koziejowska and the headmaster of the junior high school in Jastarnica.

Grażyna Szapołowska (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)
Paulina Koziejowska (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)
Beata Tadla (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)
Beata Tadla (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)
Jolanta Borowiec (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


Stylist for Agata Kornhauser-Duda presented a summer collection of outfits that can be purchased in her jurassic boutique at ul. Ratibor.

The presentation was accompanied by a string quintet Sonic Quintet.

Irena Santor in Jurata: "What is 90 years for a young woman?"

The celebration of the jubilee crowned the performance of the First Lady of the Polish music scene - Irena Santorwho sang the song "There are no more wild beaches" (text: Krzysztof Logan-Tomaszewski, mus. Ryszard Seremeta), which over the years became Jurata's informal "hymn".

Mrs. Irena officially said goodbye to the stage, but due to her great love for Jurata - after inviting Dorota Goldpoint, she agreed to perform again in such exceptional circumstances.

The singer joked, describing herself as Jurata's "peer" and adding: “… But what is 90 years for a young woman…?". At the same time, she promised to perform again at the next birthday of our wonderful town, which we are waiting for.

Irena Santor (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)
Irena Santor (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)
Irena Santor (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)
Irena Santor (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)

Vernissage of photos of Marlena Bielinska

The 90th anniversary of Jurata is also accompanied by a temporary exhibition of large-format photographs   Marlena Bielinska to Dorota Goldpoint's project "The Inner Power"prepared by the Foundation "The Heart Has No Wrinkles". The exhibition can be viewed in July and August at the pier in Jurata. The exhibition is, of course, open to everyone.

(own archive: TwójJurata.pl)


(own archive: TwójJurata.pl)


(own archive: TwójJurata.pl)


The organizers of the event were Tiberius Narkowicz - the mayor of the Jastarnia commune and a famous fashion designer - Dorota Goldpoint, together with the foundation "The heart has no wrinkles"of which he is the president. He was a co-organizer Municipal Center of Culture, Sport and Recreation in Jastarnia, headed by its director - Marta Balicka.

Dorota Goldpoint (photo: Maksymilian Selin / TwójJurata.pl)


Dorota Goldpoint has been associated with Jurata for many years, and her love for this place reflects her commitment to promoting the town. Last year, the designer opened its first cafe in Jurata - Goldpoint Zone, and a few years earlier also his boutique, where he personally serves clients, spending almost the entire holiday season in Jurata each year.

It was not the first anniversary of Jurata with Dorota Goldpoint. 5 years earlier, on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the resort's existence, the designer also participated in the organization of the celebrations, which, like this year, were honored with an original fashion show.

The main sponsor of the event was Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego BGK.

They were among the organizational partners  Totalizator Sportowy - owner of the LOTTO brand, celebrating its 65th birthday this year (2021), and a hotel Bryza Resort & Spa in Jurata.

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